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About FBS

FBS was founded in 2009, This multi-award winning Trading Broker received titles of:

Best FX IB Program,
⦁ Best FX Broker Indonesia,
⦁ Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia
⦁ Best Forex Broker Thailand,
⦁ Best International Forex Broker,

And not to forget a heartfelt award received for restoration of a damaged road and houses reconstruction for the villagers issued by the Government of Indonesia in 2017 among other awards.

FBS is one of the best, reliable and honest Forex Brokers in the world. This International Broker’s presence reaches a massive 190 countries worldwide. Many people stumble through a number of brokers but FBS is their final destination.
FBS has the highest presence with over 8 000 000 Traders, and only that, it also has over 315 000 partners at hand. FBS is indeed the ultimate solution for most traders. 8 million people can’t be wrong.

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FBS cares for its customers – and hence every now and then it organizes seminars and special events for both Beginners and Professionals, as no matter your rank in the forex environment, you will find it useful because FBS will help in providing you with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and the latest strategies on the Forex market.

Did you know that the annual profit of FBS Clients amounts to $500 000 000? well, this is true.

FBS receives over 7K new registrations of the combination of Traders and Partners‘ accounts. It is also reported by FBS that half of its clients if not more successfully multiply their initial deposit by 8-10 times, now that’s amazing, and again, 8 million traders who are currently with FBS cannot be wrong.

…and 48% of FBS clients, consider their profits as their main source of income, in other words, FBS is their lives.

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Every 20 Seconds, a client makes a withdrawal request and of all traders in FBS – 80% stay with FBS for a lifetime.

Here is some History

2009 – As mentioned above, this is when FBS stepped into the massive worldwide international Market. It is amazing how FBS quickly picked up with their excellent work and dedication towards their clients – In essence, After a thorough research and client reviews – FBS become one of the most trusted brokers in Asia – by the end of 2009, FBS was already catering services for over 50 000 Clients – that when there was a need for an international customer support service.

2010 – Just when FBS was celebrating the prosperous year of 2009, well, it was a new year and time for bigger things and more work in place, and that’s when FBS received it’s very first prestigious award – “Best mini Forex-broker”.
With such progress – FBS started developing contests and analytical resources, many experts were confident that FBS is on the right track as it kept developing. by 2010 FBS had over 75 000 Clients.

2011 – You don’t stay mini forever, or do you, FBS continues to receive the – “Best mini Forex-broker” award – however, on a global scale – that’s when as mentioned above, it started with Seminars on its 3rd Year, and by so doing, they are on a hype with a client base of more than 100 000.

2012 – Not 1, Not 2 but 3 consecutive FBS authoritative awards received for:
⦁ “Fastest growing broker Asia”,
⦁ “Best Forex Broker Asia”,
⦁ “Best platform MetaTrader 4”
From this point on, you can’t go back, as there was so much trust earned, and FBS Partners started opening branches in their countries, The Clients and Partner Base grew even stronger.

2013 – FBS receives 4 awards in nominations:
⦁ Best broker in Asia”,
⦁ “Best Broker in South-East Asia”,
⦁ “Best Partnership program”,
⦁ “Best trading platform”.
By this time the number of Traders is very close to 400 000.

2014 – If anything, this is a more appropriate time to celebrate a solid 5 years in business. FBS becomes the Best Broker in Asia for 4 consecutive years. More than 500 000 Traders. This is when FBS launched a new FBS Personal Acc as well as fbs.com

2015 – Some moments are unexplainable, just when you are in the midst of all this joy, FBS surprises itself by receiving 11 international awards, by this time, the number of clients and partners goes beyond 1 000 000 (1 Million)
This is when the company made double it’s turnover, in regard to that, ran a massive charity campaign, spending over $400 000 in providing help.

2016 – FBS is in the big leagues – having over 200 000 000 opened orders and over 2.5 Million active traders around the world.

2017 – Get this-this was the massive year for FBS. In January 2017, FBS congratulated it’s 3 000 000th traders and in December 2017, they called the 6 000 000th Trader, showing that, 8000 traders we welcomed every day.

2018 – Hold on tight
2019 – Hold on tighter


Even after all that talk – I can still go further. FBS is easy and profitable. So FBS took the liberty to help come up with the best trading condition you can ever find in any other broker.

FBS is Trustworthy, has the most beneficial offers, profitable orders executed daily, and I must admit that they have the best team of highly-qualified professionals – and has millions and millions of thankful customers.

FBS also offers a 100% deposit bonus for trading, free deposit insurance, Convenient trading tools, Regular contests, and advantageous promotions, The most transparent affiliate commission: up to $80 per lot, Deposits and withdrawals via any system in any currency, Customer support in your native language 24/7.

Why FBS you asked? Well FBS offers the lowest Minimum Deposit of $1, Spreads are from 0 pip, and the minimum order volume is 0.01 with leverage of up to 1:3000.
There are no requote, FBS has a split second execution – I think for me, that’s the most important thing. fastest execution there is.

Is FBS Regulated?

Yes, all FBS activities are regulated by the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) and CySEC (Cyprus securities and exchange commission).


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Bonus $123
Bonus $50

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