Fibre Connectivity in South Africa
Fibre Connectivity in South Africa, image:

Are you done with ADSL and ready for Fibre? You can enjoy your screen like you are watching an HD movie at a cinema. Fibre connectivity offers you the lighting speed, which is the highest speed that any connectivity can offer.

Fibre uses Fibre optic cables giving you such an incredible speed. Unlike ADSL, Fibre doesn’t use your traditional copper cables – optic cables are not even affected by weather, and they are not easily stolen, in fact, it is almost impossible to.

Honestly, ADSL is not as reliable as fibre. As new as Fibre may be, it can achieve a speed of up to 1000Mbps – because it runs or rather transmits the information as light impulses on flexible glass fibres allowing an incredible speed never seen before.

ADSL’s average speed is around 4Mpbs whereas a Fibre connection can reach as far as 250 times faster. You can get fibre into your home through a Fibre Service Provider such as Octotel, WAN, Vumatel, Frogfoot, OpenServe, etc. this will depend on where you are based.

It is often best to check coverage in your area. If your area doesn’t have fibre coverage, you won’t be able to get fibre connectivity.

The SP offering fibre has to get fibre from the street to your home and connect it to CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) device. Unlike ADSL, fire doesn’t require a voice line to work and you can be able to make calls online using fibre lines.

What is Fibre?

Fibre is a type of internet connection which runs independently on fibre optic cables and providing a lightning speed. Fibre is faster than ADSL, 3G, and 4G, etc. It cannot be compared with any other speed of the network in South Africa.

Fibre is available in suburbs and towns, and to use it, it has to be available in your area for use. Fibre Supplier can get it for you from the street to your home, and start connecting to the internet when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has provided necessary equipment for the connectivity.

Getting connected to Fibre

Ensure there’s fibre coverage in your area. It is the most important part of getting fibre installed in your home. However, when applying for one to any ISP, you will be guided and the area from which you want it installed will be checked on your behalf.

Most companies will get a fibre infrastructure provider as a new customer. Once you are most certain that you have a connection outside your home, you will need a Fibre router, and it has to be fibre compatible.  Your regular ADSL router may not support a Fibre connection.

5 Companies offering Fibre Connection through their partners

1. Vox

It is best to get a fibre package deal that works best for you. Vox offers you to connect Fibre to your home or to your business workplace for internet use and a possible VoIP calling etc.

Vox Fibre for Home Use

You can get free standard installation as well as activation for the value of R3000, however, Ts & Cs apply, and it’s best to visit Vox Fibre Page for more information regarding the terms. You will be able to stream at a crazy speed, you can watch buffer-free videos online, and you can do your online shopping at home. Vox Fibre for Home Use (Abbreviated FTFH – Fibre To The Home) has a faster connection at affordable rates.

You have all the right to connect as many devices as you can. You can make calls through the internet (VoIP calling), and browse your favorite iBusiness site at a very fast speed.

You can customize your package however you want, by adding services like Office 365, a 10Mbps line, etc. email for any queries or call consumer support on 087 805 0530 or Business Support on 087 805 0500

Vox Fibre for Business Use

FTTB is ready for your business. FTTB at Vox stands for ‘Fibre To The Business’ and it creates to tailor for your business connectivity solutions at affordable rates. You are given three choices; you can choose Broadband Bundles, Broadband Only or Retail Bundles.

You are most welcome at Vox to customize your business fibre package to meet the needs of your business by adding voice, Data, IP based products and/or video.

You don’t have to worry about connectivity errors, and it is cost-effective. Visit the FTTB page for more information. You may as well call or email using the same details on the home package.


Remember how you use to watch a 5 minutes video once for 15 minutes – now you can watch it over and over again without having to worry about buffering. Fibre speed is real, reliable and you get the best of internet experience.

MWEB offers you the greatest fibre deal from as little as less than R500, you get a free router and setup. The Infrastructure is provided by LightStruck, Michells Fibre, OpenServe, Vuma, SADV, Octotel, Frogfoot, MetroFibre, and Link Africa.

You will be able to make reliable and stable calls online using VoIP, forget your traditional line and make use of the fibre connection for all kinds of services possible.

3. HostKing

From R560 you get the speed you need of up to 200Mbps. Mean Business with a FTTH from Hosking in South Africa at selected locations.

With HostKing, some plans include free installation and thus it is imperative that you visit to check out their fibre deals. Fibre packages include a blazing fast speed at a reliable connection.

4. Axxess

Axxess offers both capped and uncapped fibre at afforded rates.

Axxess Capped Fibre

Choose the data you need and pay a fixed amount for a fixed amount of gigs per month. Axxess offers a capped fibre data from 50GB up to 2TB. One of the best features includes a 3-month data rollover. You can visit to compare Axxess partner’s fibre network suppliers, from Frogfoot, Vuma, OpenServe, TTConnect, Blitz Fibre, Octotel, Netstream, Evotel, Maboneng, SADV, Clearaccess, Teralink Networks, and Connectivity Service at Steyn City, Century City Connect, MetroFibre network, and Mitsol.

You will get 24/7 Support from Axxess, and the highest speed you can get, no contract, just affordable rates.

Axxess Uncapped Fibre

Axxess holds a 5 times ISP of the year award and that can never be by mistake – I mean it’s 5 times. Axxess gladly offers the new uncapped fibre solution to your nearest town or suburb. The uncapped is unshaped and unlimited.

Axxess partner’s fibre network suppliers include Frogfoot, Vuma, OpenServe, TTConnect, Blitz Fibre, Octotel, Netstream, Evotel, Maboneng, SADV, Clearaccess, Teralink Networks, and Connectivity Service at Steyn City, Century City Connect, MetroFibre network, and Mitsol.

You get the same service features as with the capped fibre solution.

5. AfriHost

It is important to note that AfriHost doesn’t handle the installation fees as well as activation fees. If you own a business, you do not qualify for these packages – The package (Pure Fibre) is unshaped and unlimited and there are no thresholds – you can relax and enjoy your videos online, etc.

In a case that you want to move to a different Internet Service Provider, you will be charged a fee. Cancellation fees are charged at R999 to ease the service within 6 months, or if your account is in arrears, a cancelation fee is not applicable to Mitchells Fibre.

The installation fee covers cabling up to 30 meters, further than that requires site survey procedure.

AfriHost doesn’t charge for Installation and Activation, However, if you want the Wi-Fi Router for your Fibre connectivity, you can request it as part of your entire order and you get two months free service.

AfriHost Balwin Fibre

Balwin Fibre forms part of JSE listed Balwin Properties, which was discovered in 1996 – The focus has always been on affordable and high-quality properties.

They are now offering a high-speed fibre connection to South African Residents – with a speed of up to 100Mbps.

Get Balwin Fibre from 10Mbps for less than R650 and all the way to 100Mbps for less than R1420

AfriHost Blitz Fibre

Get Blitz Fibre, part of Skycoverage and Nepic group. These companies are known as the gurus of communications, offering a number of communication solutions for homeowners, businesses and industrial premises.

You can be reassured of a reliable connection with Blitz Fibre, with a blazing speed of up to 100Mbps.

AfriHost Century City Connect Fibre

Get the connection you need for a minimal monthly subscription with Century City Connect Fibre. It aims to provide cutting edge technology and to help with exclusive access to residents of Century City. Other services offered include multimedia services and broadband solutions.

AfriHost Clear Access Fibre

Clear Access offers a minimum of 5Mbps Fibre if it best suits your needs. Clear Access has been rendering communication services for a while. If it’s the speed you want and a reliable one at affordable rates, Clear Access is your best choice.

Get the AfriHost’ Clear Access Fibre when you have Clear Access coverage in your area.

AfriHost Connectivity Services Fibre

If you stay in Steyn City, your best option is giving Steyn City Properties and MetroFibre a chance with their bond of partnership to double your fibre speed at affordable rates starting from 10Mbps. Yes, the network will be operated by MetroFibre as they’ve been in fibre business since 2010.

MetroFibre has been helpful in suburbs of Gauteng, connecting fibre across as many areas as possible. It sounds like the Best Fixed Broadband Provider as voted in the Q1 2017 MyBroadband survey.

From as little as less than R800, you will be browsing a blazing fast internet connection.

AfriHost Evotel Fibre

Get up to 200Mbps lighting fast speed provided by Evotel. If you stay around Gauteng Province you can choose a fast, stable internet connection offered by Evotel through AfriHost.

From less than R550 per month, you will get a minimum speed of 5Mbps.

AfriHost Frogfoot Fibre

Frogfoot is the name you can trust. It has connected over 5, 000 homes and offices around South Africa in 5 regions. They have over 15 years of experience serving the best communication solutions in SA. Frogfoot is proudly backed by industry giants Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) and Investec, providing the best broadband performance.

AfriHost MetroFibre Complexes Fibre and MetroFibre Fibre

MetroFibre is a globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 2.0 open-access fibre network in South Africa, and first of its kind. Since MetroFibre started in 2010, it has expanded its growth nationally and Sanlam Private Equity invested in the company to help it develop even further.

AfriHost Mitchells Fibre

With a maximum download speed of 20Mbps and maximum upload speed of 10Mbps, you can stream your HD videos at a fast speed, and the internet is affordable with Mitchells Fibre.

You can get the open access Fibre optic network in Mitchells Plain, and enjoy the benefits of a true speed of internet at your home for only R399 per month.

AfriHost Mitsol Fibre

Hello KZN residents, here’s a Fibre Supplier for you with AfriHost – The Mitsol Fibre rendering innovative technology in a number of years, giving a reliable fast and cost-effective fibre connection from 10Mbps connection.

Mitsol has been connecting residents from Durban, Umhalanga, Ballito, Highway, Pietermaritzburg, and Midlands.

AfriHost Netstream Fibre

Netstream may charge you for installation and if that happens, you are required to send the invoice to AfriHost and your installation costs will be covered.

Get your home connected with Netstream Fibre at affordable prices from 4Mbps download speed and 2Mbps upload speed at an affordable price of R497 per month all the way to 100Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed for less than R1300 per month.

AfriHost Octotel Fibre

Hello Cape Town, here’s your number one open-access fibre network – OCTOTEL. Octotel has been providing excellent service and trusted by over 100 000 homes and business in the mother city – Cape Town.

Octotel community partnerships have taken the company by storm and have grown massively in ensuring your nearest home is connecting to a fast network.

AfriHost Openserve Fibre

Openserve is trusted telecoms provider in South Africa with over 81 000 homes connected through it. Deploying over 147 000 kilometers of fibre optic cables to homes and businesses.

OpenServe has been in business for over 50 years and the technology has improved drastically over the years. Rates start at R399 per month for 8Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed.

AfriHost Purple Forest Fibre

Waterfall district is in safe hands with Purple Forest Fibre, offering fibre connecting from less than R600 for 10Mbps connection. Waterfall community can entrust the company with reliable as well as high-speed fibre of up to 100Mbps.

Get your fibre solution with Purple Forest Fibre if you reside in Waterfall.

AfriHost Rise Telecoms Fibre

The internet is an interesting place to be. You can enjoy the likes of social networks, HD video, and super-fast internet.

Who wouldn’t love a speed that’s faster than you say ‘Fibre’? South Africa is in safe hands with AfriHost Rise Telecoms. They offer a minimum of 5Mbps and up to a maximum of 100Mbps for an AfriHost Package.

AfriHost SADV Complexes Fibre and SADV Suburbia Fibre

SADV stands for South African Digital Villages, empowering homes with fibre since 2007. They have formed the largest telecommunication network through Dark Fibre Africa.

SAVD has been connecting homes for 11 years and has hired a highly skilled team to provide you with the unshaped, unthrottled and no threshold fibre connection.

Teralink is one of the best telecommunication Network Company and part of ICTGlobe management. It has been deploying fibre optic cables from 2016 to date. They have connected homes and businesses across South Africa.

In Selected residential, where there’s Teralink fibre coverage, you will get the latest fibre tech. From 4Mbps to 100Mbps, your internet experience will never be the same.

AfriHost TT Connect Fibre

If you from East Rand area (Bedfordview, Endenvale, Kempton Park, Farramere and Rynfield) get in touch with TT Connect and be part of 200 000 homes that have fibre connection through AfriHost TT Connect.

TT Connect can provide a fibre solution for your home and business.

AfriHost Vuma Aerial Fibre and Vumatel Fibre

Vuma offers a range of different fibre packages – all you have to do is to choose the one that’s best for your connection home needs.  Vuma won the best-fixed broadband provider in 2016 and other ICT awards.

Vuma has grown massively and is one of the largest and trusted fibre suppliers in South Africa.

Is it Fibre or Fiber?

All kinds of spellings are accepted. Some may call it Fibre and others may spell it as Fiber, either way, it explains the same thing.


Get the best internet connectivity with Fibre. NO! You can’t go any faster than Fibre, Get it today!

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