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First for Women Life Insurance

FIRST FOR WOMEN life insurance
FIRST FOR WOMEN life insurance, image: modified 1st for Women logo

Life is an unpredictable bowl full of unforeseen activities waiting to happen. How do you then approach life with peace of mind when every step your take inspires horror. It’s not all loom and gloom as there are plenty of Life Insurance products to look into. First for Women Insurance Company Limited, is one of the best insurers in South Africa offering a range of different products including the ‘Life Insurance’ cover.

Your family deserves to be taken care of when you are unable to due to lack of income after an unfortunate event, such as retrenchment, disability or the worst. Should such happen, who is then going to take care of your spouse, your kid, or anyone depending on you financially? Life insurance is a necessity; it is a gift of life that you can leave for your family and extended family.

If you were to become disabled today or become ill – and unable to provide for your family to meet their daily and monthly financial need, in a case where you have a life insurance, you wouldn’t have to worry about hospital fees, and your usual monthly expenses and it will be taken care of once your insurer pays out.

You don’t want to leave your people in the dark with nowhere to go, we’ve seen a lot of that with Eskom’s Load-shedding.

First for Women Life Insurance Benefits

  • There is no paperwork when purchasing the policy, you may do so with a simple phone call, and get covered immediately
  • First For Women offers life insurance for up to R10-million cover at affordable premiums
  • Your cover doesn’t expire – and you have an option to add as many as 10 beneficiaries to your policy.
  • Unchanged premiums for the first 2 years and for as long as your policy is active, your life cover will never decrease.
  • You are given an option to add a disablement and dread disease cover to your policy, and even so, your life cover amount won’t be reduced should you make a claim.
  • In an unfortunate event where you fall terminally ill and you only have less than 12 months to live – your life cover will be paid out when you are still alive (That’s a great benefit)
  • You can amend your policy without further underwriting when your life progresses to marriage, having your ‘bundle of joy, buying a new home, etc.

First for Women Insurance Company Limited is an authorized FSP, long term policies are underwritten by 1life. Personal loans are powered by RCS. – read more about NCR.

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