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FNB is one of the big banks we have in South Africa, and it is expected that each and every single town to have at least one ATM. Get access to your cash anytime that you need it, 24/7 at your disposal, whenever, wherever.

You can use your debit, credit and Cheque cards at your nearest FNB ATM; however, Stokvel and Smart Save accounts are not eligible for ATM cash access and the use thereof. The FNB ATM is available nationwide in South Africa.

To access your cash using the FNB ATM, you will need your FNB CARD and a PIN NUMBER (Stokvel and Smart Save accounts excluded)


There is a lot you can do with the FNB ATM than cash withdrawals. You can furthermore do the following:

  • The FNB ATM lets you access your account/cash 24/7 without any questions asked.
  • You can use the ATM to withdraw cash
  • View your current balances, if need be – you can also print your account balance
  • Mini statements can be obtained from an FNB ATM
  • Purchase prepaid airtime

FNB offers different types of ATMs

  • There are ATMs that allow automated deposit for your convenience – and it is cost and time effective.
  • When making cash deposits using the FNB ATM, the funds reflects instantly
  • When making Cheque deposits using the FNB ATM, the funds reflects after clearance

FIND a branch with FNB ATM Advance with automated deposits

ATMs that do not dispense cash include Mini ATMs, where redeemable vouchers are issued, in most cases – the FNB Mini ATMs are situated in locations without ATM infrastructure.

For more information call 087 575 9406 for lost and stolen cards, also remember that your lost/stolen card can be replaced at all FNB branches.

There will always be terms and conditions as well as rules that may apply.

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