This is a great way of paying your credit card account on time without any delays and to avoid unnecessary late-payment interests. With the FNB Credit Card’s Auto Payment Solution you will be assured that your account is up to date with the Credit Card safety net.

You can have peace of mind knowing your account is paid automatically every time without any delays doe your convenience and according to FNB, the “Auto Payment Solution works with a ‘built-in’ calculator which takes into account any pre-payments and deducts these amounts from the required debit order amount.”

Options to choose from

  • You can choose to pay a fixed amount of your choice – and the amount chosen cannot be less than the minimum amount owed.
  • Full Payment is an excellent choice to settle your outstanding balance in full. You will choose a relevant month for such a payment option to take place.
  • You have an option to pay only the minimum amount down. Each credit card has a minimum amount that needs to be paid every month, it can anything from 5% of the outstanding balance.
  • You can select a percentage of the outstanding balance to be deducted monthly, it can be anything from 5% to 100%


  • Avoid transactional fees and/or charges on your credit card (excluding withdrawals, fuel charges, EFT and casino charges)
  • Cost-effective and saves time
  • The account stays up to date

How to set up an FNB Auto Payment Solution

  • Visit the FNB Online Banking and click on “My Bank Account
  • Select “My Accounts”
  • Choose your Credit Card and select “Settings
  • Choose “Auto Payment Solution” and select your chosen Auto Payment Option
  • Enter details of the account from which you want to make payment
  • A pop-up confirmation screen will appear and will require you to “CONFIRM” and “FINISH

Alternatively, call the number you see at the back of your credit card. For more info visit

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