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The Flexi Fixed Deposit Account by FNB requires a minimum opening deposit of R5 000. You can get a maximum nominal interest rate of 6.60% over 12 months. This investment account has a fixed term, and you still get access to a portion of your capital within a day (24 hours).

The Flexi Fixed Deposit Account is risk-free and your capital and quoted returns are guaranteed. During your investment period, you can make two withdrawals of up to 15% of your invested capital with FNB. You have the option to add more money to your account.

With this FNB account is linked to prime lending rates, you can schedule your transactions to make regular transfers into your Flexi Fixed Deposit Account.

 Flexi Fixed Deposit features

  • You are welcome to make third party payment when you have enough funds available to do so
  • Flexi Fixed Deposit Account with FNB has no monthly fees
  • You can invest from 3 to 12 months
  • Manage your account online with the FNB Internet banking
  • Earn eBucks rewards

How to Apply

  • you have to be a South African Citizen to qualify for the FNB Flexi Fixed Deposit Account
  • You can apply online in easy steps OR have FNB contact you or contact them for investment purposes
  • Have a minimum deposit amount of R5 000
  • You may visit the nearest FNB branch

Documents needed

  • Your Valid South African ID or Smart ID Card
  • Proof of residence that’s not older than 3 months

For more information visit the FNB Flexi Fixed Deposit Account Page. First National Bank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited and it is an Authorized Financial Services and Credit Provider (NCRCP20)


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