Fuel Prices to Increase at Midnight


The Department of Energy has released the latest fuel prices for July 2021 and there is a price increase in all categories. The price changes are set to take effect from midnight 7 July 2021.

Inland FuelJune PriceJuly PriceIncrease / (Decrease)
95 PetrolR17.13R17.39R0.26
93 PetrolR16.91R17.20R0.29
0.05% DieselR14.66R15.08R0.42
0.005% DieselR14.71R15.12R0.41
Illuminating ParaffinR8.77R9.13R0.36
Coastal Fuel   
95 PetrolR16.41R16.67R0.26
93 PetrolR16.39R16.68R0.29
0.05% DieselR14.05R14.47R0.42
0.005% DieselR14.11R14.52R0.41

The reason for the increase in prices is due to the average international product prices for petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin increasing during the period under review, and the rand appreciated against the US dollar during the period under review, on average, when compared to the previous period.

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