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Cell C GigaPackage
Cell C GigaPackage, image: www.cellc.co.za

You may pay upfront for your services and be able to access your purchased data for a year. There won’t be any monthly costs. GigaBytes available for these packages:

  • 10GB
  • 20GB
  • 30GB
  • 50GB
  • 100GB
  • 200GB
FeeInclusive DataPrice per incl MBValidity
Giga 10 PrepaidR59910GBR0.06365 days
Giga 20 PrepaidR79920GBR0.04365 days
Giga 30 PrepaidR89930GBR0.03365 days
Giga 50 PrepaidR109950GBR0.02365 days
Giga 100 PrepaidR1599100GBR0.02365 days
Giga 200 Anytime PrepaidR1999200GBR0.01365 days

You will be able to use this data for the whole 365 days a year. You can buy these packages at your nearest Cell C store or call 084 145. The only downfall is that data cannot be shared or transferred or send to another customer as a form of a gift.

Cell C ALL-IN-ONE Voucher

Cell C’s all in one voucher gives you peace of mind in Talking, texting and surfing the internet – furthermore, you can save a lot in just an all-in-one voucher. You will get SMSes, Minutes and Data – all of these in just one product.

You get physical vouchers as well as virtual vouchers, and these are unfortunately available at selected participating Cell C Stores.

R 1120202030 DAYS
R 2145454530 DAYS
R 4915015015030 DAYS
R 8930030030030 DAYS
R 19975075075030 DAYS

For more information visit Cell C’s website

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Cell C blocks all illegal and VPN sites affecting paying customers (The HTTP Injector Talk)

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Cell C AlwaysOn Wi-Fi Bundles

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SMS Bundles offered by Cell C Network

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