Google is experiencing indexing issues


Millions of websites are being affected as Google is currently experiencing index issues. Since the core update in May, there has been a number of issues including indexation. Many websites lost traffic, business, and some to the extent that they abandon a domain.

On 2 June 2020, Google announced the indexation issues and will keep updating when they can provide more information, and thus you can expect stale results in some instances.

‘We’re currently experiencing indexing issues that may cause stale search results in some cases. We’ll update this thread when we can provide more information.’ tweeted Google

Google has recently Announced the Core Web Vitals comprised of LCP (largest contentful paint), FID(first input delay) and CLS(Cumulative Layout Shift). Some people may have been experiencing index issues longer than Google can fathom.

This leaves a lot of bloggers and news reporters frustrated. However, this issue will be resolved – more will follow as the issue unfolds.


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