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Google’s project to bring free nation-wide WiFi in South Africa shuts down and transferred

The free Wi-Fi project or programme known as ‘Google Station‘ is shutting down worldwide including their partnership with Think Wi-Fi.

“Since we first started, the ecosystem has evolved and combined with complex and varying technical requirements across countries and partners, we have been re-evaluating our plans and have decided to wind down Station through 2020,

“We are transferring our Station operations in South Africa to Think WiFi, who will now carry out the project independently,” added Google South Africa.

The CEO of Think Wifi, Janine Rebelo – has pointed out that the initiative in the Western Cape has been a success and that there are ongoing plans to roll free Wi-Fi in other areas such as Eastern Cape and Gauteng, as well as Mpumalanga.

“The launch of the free Wi-Fi initiative in the Western Cape has been more successful than anticipated and plans are already underway to roll free Wi-Fi out to the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and some areas in Mpumalanga,”

Janine also added that they “endeavor to work with the private and public sector to bring connectivity to the unconnected”

Since the launch, it was confirmed by Think WiFi that, Google Station has reached over a million users in SA.

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