Grobank Agribusiness Funding, don’t miss the sowing and your harvest


If you don’t sow, you won’t harvest – but Grobank has got your back because they understand that the farming business is different from a commercial business and thus they want you to talk to them and so you can sow today for the harvest tomorrow.

Grobank offers what they call secondary agriculture finance. This kind of funding can be customized and the focus is on finding the sustainable solution to maximize your liquidity through trading and seasonal cycles.

“We have suitable customized funding solutions for your secondary agriculture business from working capital finance for debtors and inventory to capital expenditure for expansion”, writes Grobank.

Grobank understands that one farm will always be different from the other, and so they are always on the road to find flexible solutions to suit your kind of farm and ensure the long-term growth of it.

“Anything you need from a tractor to a tank, we finance for instalment sales and lease agreements.”

“From secondary agricultural to retail, commercial or industrial space, whether it’s to extend, alter, refinance or purchase, our market-leading expertise can help you make the right decision for your farm, family and financial position.” continues Growbank explaining the holistic costs involved when purchasing a property.

“It’s important to be aware of the holistic costs involved in any property acquisition whether it’s agricultural, residential, or commercial.”

There is a lot more, and you can learn from here: Grobank Limited is an authorized Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider (FSP5865, NCRCP6). Reg. No.: 1947/025414/06

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