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SAB (South African Breweries) has been in business for 125 years. The first idea of brewery came about in 1895, a passion of a man from England came about to be a fixed point on the South African landscape. Charles Glass, founder of Castle Brewery merged with other breweries to form SAB. SAB was the first industrial company to be listed on the JSE two years after it was founded.

SAB grew massively over the years, so much that in 2010, it launched an empowerment scheme called SAB Zenzele. SAB Zenzele is the largest BBBEE scheme in South Africa, with around 42 000 shareholders, around R14 billion in value for its beneficiaries, with over R9.7 billion return value. These can be paid in cash or in AB Inbev shares.

With the success of the scheme, a shareholder who had invested R100 with SAB Zenzele for 10 years, would have recieved R77,518 payout before tax, despite the inflation.

SAB Zenzele launches again, Scheme 2.0 version

Through a huge success of the first version, SAB Zenzele Kabili Shares 2.0 launches again on the 28th of May 2021 and will be listed on the JSE B-BBEE segment.


It is important to note that upon listing, the shares will initially be available to existing beneficiaries and will be given an opportunity to reinvest their remaining entitlements from their first scheme.

After 28 May 2021, any qualifying person in terms of the B-BBBE Act will be able to buy the shares as they will be available publicly.

The qualifying criteria in terms of the B-BBBE Act refers to African Black, Coloureds, Indians and Chinese People.

Shares will be available for purchase through the SAB’s primary broker, Investec, or any qualifying broker with a valid licence for listing BEE shares on their platform.

The shares will be available on Computershare, Easy Equities (EE), banks with broker division, and Investec which can be contacted on 0861 900 903.

SAB Zenzele Kabili is invested in AB InBerv shares which is the underlying assets, and they appreciate in value and the debt portion of the scheme shares decreases. There is also compound growth from dividends in addition to the share price appreciation.

The listing price is R40, the underlying asset is AB InBev shares which generally trade at around R1 000.

Follow the link to find out how you can buy the SAB Zenzele Kabili:

How to buy SAB Zenzele Kabili

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