How to get and apply for Capitec’s new Black Card


Using a Black Card with Capitec Bank is now a common thing for everyone. If you are a Capitec client and still using the gold card, it may be the time to change it. It’s not an upgrade, it’s just a new Global One black card by Capitec Bank.

The fees are the same, it’s just a change in color, it’s not the private client’s black card, it’s a common Global One card for everyone who is a Capitec customer.

How to get the Global One Black Card?

To get the Global One Black Card, you can do the following.

  • Visit the nearest Capitec Bank Branch
  • Ask the consultant to change your card, or that you need the new card
  • If you are using the app, the old card will be deactivated, or you can deactivate it yourself
  • Your new Global One Black Card will be linked to your App and all of your banking services
  • You will be handed a new Global One Black Card.

Basically, you will be applying for a new card, you can simply request a new card at the branch and have it engraved in your name and necessary details such as your account number, branch code, card number, etc.


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