How to Start a Business during COVID-19 pandemic


During these hard times, I must admit, starting a business can be very difficult especially now with all the new regulations to follow. There are some of the businesses that are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these businesses are just unregistered entrepreneurs who have been surviving through their unregistered business, and cannot even get a single cent to as part of the relief package.

Some have even gone to an extend of starting over.  Now, as a newbie in the entrepreneurial journey, have you thought of the type of business would like to start that won’t go against the regulations by WHO and South Africa, if so, I will also note down some of the business ideas that can easily get you at the top of your game.

Yes, starting a business during these times is indeed a mammoth task, but can be handled pretty well with all the paperwork, strategy, capital, hard work, and perseverance.

The world may seem like it’s ending but we are far from over especially when it comes to reaching our goals, and/or contributing to the society. South Africa and the rest of the world are facing the same issues and so you don’t have to be very hard on yourself when it comes to starting a newly developed business.


With online shopping on the rise due to COVID-19, it seems the world will be going digital soon. The eCommerce is booming, and so it may be time to take advantage of online technology. If this is all too much for you, do not worry – there’s still a number of ways to create a successful business without the need to be online especially when your customers are based on just one area such as a small community.

Business ideas during COVID-19 pandemic

I was talking to a few of my friends, not so long ago – and they wanted to start a poultry business, which in my opinion was the best idea in our community. The world love chicken, every community in South Africa loves chicken, this was supposed to be a very successful business for my friends and they failed to do so.

So, do not fail me as well, with so many ideas that I can think of. My ideas, my opinion, your success – that’s the lane will be walking on together. My ideas are not related to one another.

  • Poultry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we still have to eat, as well as you follow the regulations. Poultry isn’t a bad idea, in fact, it is one of the brilliant ideas for business during these times – However, this kind of business demands patience and hard work (You literally have to take care of your chickens, and that’s taking care of your business). Your chickens are your money.

Starting a Poultry farm must the easiest to start when you have the right capital. This business can be started with R2500 – R5000, The article I wrote about poultry, herbs, and other ways to start a business during these times will help you with more clarity.

  • Blogging

Yeah, I know – something many would love to start, but requires patience, about a year – before you can start benefiting. Running a blogging website with good traffic can generate a substantial amount of money, but it should be passion first before any revenue because the wait is that long before you can consider your blog a success.

Blogging is all about unique content, or rewrites with vital and extra important information, but overall of the website should be a totally unique content not found anywhere on the internet. We can all write about ‘Soil’ but unique content about ‘Soil’ can get you a higher ranking.

Unique content is meant to rank no matter what, as long as it serves a good purpose. I wrote a long article about how to start a blog, and it may seem like it’s all difficult, but it is as easy as ABC. You can start a blog and pay less than $5 dollars a month (That’s less than R90 a month). When I started iBusiness, I only paid a once-off Godaddy WordPress hosting package for a lot less than the original price for a year.  Many hosting companies offer discounts when starting off, and you will gradually grow. Yes, iBusiness now pays for dedicated hosting and makes enough money to continue hosting on a dedicated server.

A blog can be run on WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Joomla!, Squarespace, and many others, some you may find complex, but I would strongly recommend WordPress. You’ll be home and safe at all times.

  • Affiliates Marketing

This must be one of the most tiring and yet very beneficial ways to make money online. However, you must really know your marketing game. Many affiliate programs let you choose the way you want to market their product. Many successful affiliates have linked their affiliate accounts to their websites.

I don’t want to lie, this can be very tiring especially when you start off, but it’s residual and the recurring commission can continue to grow with many clients added to the list of your affiliate program. It’s all numbers game and you have to be at the top of it.

Basically, as an affiliate, you’ll be helping a company sell products and paid a commission for each successful sale.  Joining is free: I would suggest Amazon because of its wide range of products. I would also suggest but unfortunately, they do not offer any affiliate program yet.

Author’s Notes

I hope my suggestions make sense to you, if you do recommend some ideas to look into, please leave a comment for me, I will definitely look into it. It’s what I do for a living. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better job than Blogging at the comfort of my own home.

Do not hesitate to share with the world and South Africa at large if you love my ideas. Furthermore, I am available at all channels across the web and iBusiness site.

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