I need money | 5 legitimate ways to make money (Poultry, Herb Growing, Loan Shack (Mashonisa), Tuckshop and gaming room)


Everyone needs money, and there are 100s to 1000s of ways to make real money. It is possible to make money online and offline. In South Africa – the majority of the entrepreneurs rely on the online presence of their business to make sales reaching the unreachable barriers.

Let’s now focus on tangible products – and draft a few steps on how to make a success of your business.

  1. Poultry Farming

This is one of the most effective ways to make money by selling chickens. You don’t even have to start big; all you need is a small budget and a chicken coop which can be build from planks and zinc sheets. This doesn’t have to cost anything, chicken coops cost close to nothing.

The poultry industry in South Africa costs R27 billion and continues to grow rapidly – it’s easy – we love chicken.


According to Farmer’s Weekly one billion broilers are slaughtered per year. You can start selling fully grown chickens or grow them yourself and start generating cash in 3 weeks – Poultry farming is the quickest way to make money.

You can purchase 100 fully grown chickens at R50 each, this will cost you R5000. You can then sell them at R80 – R100 making you R3000 to R5000 profit. You can even start smaller with only 20 – 50 chickens.

When you start making money, you can then purchase special poultry types of equipment such as Poultry Tube Feeder, Poultry Drinker-Water Fount, Egg Incubator, and Hatcher.

  1. Herb Growing

You can start selling herbs which you’ve grown yourself. In South Africa, herbs are high demand, especially in rural areas. You can grow herbs such as basil, chives, coriander, lavender, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, etc.

Moreover, you can grow indigenous herbs such as Buchu – Agathosma crenulata, Bitter aloe – Aloe ferox, African wormwood – Artemisia afra, Athrixia phylicoides, Hoodia gordonii, NASTURTIUM (TROPAEOLUM MAJUS), etc.

This is mostly used by old people and can make you a monthly income of about R10 000 – R30 000 a month.

  1. Loan Shack (Mashonisa)

mashonisa is an informal word used in South Africa to describe a person or a company that provides short term loans to consumers. However, in townships and villages, it is described as an individual who gives out informal loans to people in the community and typically charges a 50% interest rate which is declared unlawful.

You can be the good kind of a loan shack and abide by the law – it is also a great way to support a start business, loaning money to your neighbors – and eventually grow into a company.

Everyone needs money, I need money, your neighbor needs money – loan it to them and charge a fair interest rate.

A mashonisa does not have to register with the National Credit Regulator because of their small size but they are still required to comply with the law.

  1. Small Corner store (Tuckshop)

Tuckshops (small food-selling retailers) are the most supported in rural areas. It’s easy to start a small corner store – all you have to do is purchase 3 – 6 items of each product that you want to sell as a start-up.

R5000 – R10 000 can open a tuckshop, and can create up to 60% profit.

If you need a business account with a bank of your choice, then you will have to register your company formally, but no rush, right? It’s only a start.

  1. Gaming room

I’ve been amazed by how many youngsters love gaming. A friend of mine once suggested it and it was a great idea even if we couldn’t follow through with it. Now, this can be very beneficial if you already have gaming equipment.

If you have a suitable place with a great client base, you need to consider the size of the room, but as a startup – you don’t need a big room. You should consider GOOD QUALITY SOUND; it makes all the difference in the world for gamers.

You might need special seats, projector, TV, TV stand, and choose your preferred console, which can be Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, or Sony PlayStation.

You don’t need a lot of special features like gaming room lighting, and online gaming as yet.

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