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‘I want to know how did Sassa reach the conclusion that I am receiving an income’

‘What other sources of income?’

There has been a lot of complaints about SASSA’s decision to decline applications. Many applicants dreaded hearing the outcome of their application while they were simultaneously hoping for the best and quick response. Many are shocked at the negative outcome of their R350 grant relief application.

iBusiness spoke to one of the applicants, a young South African Marta Sithole who resides in the western region of Gauteng under the municipality of Merafong, in Carletonville, Khutsong.

SASSA’s methods of verification remain questionable Busisiwe Memela (SASSA CEO) clearly stated that for one to qualify for the R350 grant, applicants must be unemployed without any kind of income, not receiving any kind funds (NSFAS, social grants, etc.) from the government,  and must be above the age of 18.

‘My recent job was in November/December 2019 a 2months contract, at western college, as an internal invigilator.’ stated Marta who confirmed to iBusiness that she receives no grant from the government and has been unemployed since the beginning of the year.

Marta also confirms there’s no amount that goes into her account regularly that the government might have mistaken it as ‘other sources of income’

‘Due to covid19, companies are in lockdown which makes it hard near to impossible to job hunt, before lockdown began I had submitted numerous CVs, perhaps I would have been employed by now and restrictions make it hard to hustle.’

The interview continued with Marta  Sithole

  • Were you working before the lockdown began, and/or how were you making a living?

No, I was in a process of job marketing and was selling sweets and veggies to survive, due to lockdown my veggies were spoilt.

  • When did you apply for the grant and how did it take for them to reject your application?

I applied for the SRD on the 13th of May 2020 and it kept pending since then. I received an SMS on the 15th of June 2020 stated that my application was declined, I am currently receiving an income from other sources.

  • Please indicate to us a reason you think you are rejected, even it may seem far fetched

I don’t know, 

  • Did you try contacting SASSA regarding the issue?

I sent a message on their Sassa Facebook account requesting clarity and I asked them to forward me contact details where I can launch a complaint/queries.

  • Please tell us everything else that you may want to mention, and questions you have for SASSA. 

I want to know how did Sassa reach the conclusion that I am receiving an income. I need that money to survive. I cannot live with handouts anymore. I truly need it

From iBusiness users

  • Beryl Tiny Mdluli: I do not have any income whatsoever. Sassa declined my application based on my husband receiving a grant for his granddaughter. I personally do not benefit nor my husband. We solely both depend on my husband’s old age grant.
  • Keitu: I am unemployed almost a year but my unemployed application grant was declined based on what reason only Sassa and sars know because as I’m texting now I am unemployed, worse is that they don’t give a reason as to why it has declined. Maybe it will be better to allow us to go do applications at the offices than doing it electronically, its disappointing and unfair to be treated this way. Minister are there any follow-ups to be done on the declines or is it final.
  • Nothando Prince: I’m very disappointed about the message I received from Sassa cause I don’t have any income and I never work. I’m totally confused about how come I didn’t qualify to get this R350. I’m not getting any income but my application is declined.
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Nicole 19 June 2020 at 2:25 am

My application has been declined for no reason. I’m an unemployed applicant. I deserve that grant. When I checked my status it said that my application has been declined but I never received a sms saying that it’s been decline. What is actually the problem with the people handling these money who should be given to those who deserve it.

Nkhensani Baloyi 18 June 2020 at 11:23 pm

I am approved by Assad on the 23/05/2020 but still not paid even today I’m still waiting for R350

Shahieda 18 June 2020 at 8:50 pm

My application says failed if I try to view my status, I haven’t been working for 15 years, My youngest son is 24years old I’m not a pensioner do not understand how my application failed please assist

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