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It is expected: Long queues outside of liquor stores [Towns, Townships and Villages are no exception]

People have been saying South Africa is a drinking nation. Perhaps the proof has already been seen with how saddened people were during the prohibition of sales of alcohol. On this day, 18 August 2020 alcohol sales have officially been permitted and this is seen by long queues in liquor stores. South Africans have been queueing long before the official open and are ready to collect as much alcohol as possible.

While many have been buying alcohol during the prohibition period at expensive prices (now referred to as ‘LOCKDOWN PRICES’), the freedom to buy it without limitation and without fair as brought joy to the drinking nation.


South Africa has officially moved to level 2 as announced by the President of South Africa now with alcohol and cigarette sales permitted and many other restrictions have been eased up. The move to level 2 includes permitted Interprovincial travels and family visits.

This BIG MOVE has seen millions of South Africans queueing at liquor stores to possibly stock up. While others are still concerned about the move and easing up of restrictions, others even asking if the COVID-19 is over… Well, the pandemic is not over and the president has warned of the second wave of COVID-19 which South Africa has to anticipate.

Bheki said it and it’s official

South Africans are saying it’s more like celebrating a new year for the 2nd time in one year, as the alcohol prohibition is lifted fo the second time. Will there be a third? iBusiness is only hoping the daily COVID-19 cases will be at the lowest possible to ultimately have no COVID-19 cases reported.

Will alcohol and cigarette sales contribute to the new anticipated second wave of COVID-19? well, let’s hope there will be no wave at all.


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