Latest SASSA update: From ‘Declined’ to ‘Pending’


The R350 Social Relief Fund

SASSA in a report mentioned that it will be reviewing all the declined applications. This morning, many declined applicants are hopeful as their SRD Application status went from ‘Declined’ to ‘Pending’. The question is:

‘What does this mean?’ 

This means SASSA kept their promise in relooking at all the rejected applications. This doesn’t necessarily mean all declined applicants will be approved. For the mere fact that SASSA is relooking at declined applicants and reverting your status to ‘Pending’, means you could be approved or still get declined but with more clarity and a reason for declining.


You are advised to keep checking your status on or use the platform that works for you, can be via Moya App or Whatsapp – However, iBusiness prefers the online platform.

Once you get approved, you will be able to send the banking details, however – iBusiness hopes there won’t be any further issues about reviewing applications, as a few may still complain, but SASSA would’ve given you a reason beyond any all kinds of evidence why you are re-declined.

Please be in mind that millions of applications have been declined and relooked at during the coming days and thus your patience is required.

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  1. What can I do I applied twice and still awaiting for them as Im still waiting no sms has come through
    Please let me know what I can do please
    Im unemployed

  2. My application was declined from May saying irp5 which I don’t have and I left my job three years ago so please I need help I have been reapplying over and over please help this number 0800601011 is always busy please help me

  3. Hi Im approved only November and when I go to post office they are saying I’m not in the system and I never get any payment I was declined all the months from the start but im not working I’m approved now but post office said I’m not in their system how any help

  4. From declined to pending we wish we could get a clear response towards the matter. We meet the criteria 100% to not receive it feels a bit awe we are starving as fellow South Africans without any job opportunities or income during this pandemic please Help. I am a breadwinner

    • Ihave stop working from last year on march and application is declined they say i have registerd rip5 so i dont know what to do.


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