Level 3: Possible Alcohol Sales Ban, Cigarettes ban continues


The alcohol ban was lifted on level 3 in South Africa. Ever since the beginning of the level, there has been an increase in criminal activities and domestic violence, as a result, there are possibilities of banning the sales of alcohol for level 3. Eastern Cape has been the talk of the province last weekend when a bunch of young people hosted a house party– and the Premier of the province, Oscar Mabuyane wants to prohibit the sales of alcohol in the province.

The Premier said boldly speaking to ENCA that the provincial command council may ask for the sale of alcohol to be stopped in Eastern Cape in an effort to halt the spread of COVID-19.  He pointed out alcohol and funerals as a major problem in South Africa.

“Funerals remain a source of a problem, in terms of the infections, even though our numbers were limited to 50”

Mabuyane said even with the 50 people capacity for funerals, (now with churches too from level 3) if one person is able to transmit the virus to other people, it will move uncontrollably.


Generally, in society, our people are complying with the number 50 but the 50 is still huge. If one person is carrying the virus at that funeral and is able to transmit it to other people, it will move like that,”

In the other news reported by IOL, the Cape Town trauma unit has been flooded after lifting the ban on alcohol sales in South Africa.  Taking it to social media, Dr. Savannah Smith, a Cape Town doctor who works at the trauma unit said “The negative effects of alcohol on society and the health-care system has always been around. It’s just harder to manage and cope with it when we’re going through a pandemic as well.”

Many have been asked to drink responsibly.  She added that she’s that ‘fought with multiple intoxicated people tonight so that they could get adequate care.’

She also ‘consoled women whose partners have inflicted violence on them.’

‘People have stabbed each other, shot at each other, and beaten each other to a pulp.

‘People have driven under the influence resulting in numerous MVAs (motor vehicle accidents). And that’s on top of the sick kids and adults I’ve had to transfer for suspected Covid-19.’

It was also reported by EWN, that the ANCWL (African National Congress Women’s League) is planning to make calls for the reinstatement of the alcohol ban under level 3. The women’s league is concern about the state of women under lockdown in South Africa, and not only that, police brutality, reopening of the schools, racism and cigarettes were amongst the issues to be discussed.

The ANCWL rejects the unbanning of liquor sales in South Africa. “We reject the unbanning of the sale of alcohol. Alcohol is one of the major contributors to gender-based violence in this country.”

Cigarettes/Tabacco has been banned since the beginning of Levels, the ban of Cigarette sales caught be lifted in level 2 or it might be banned in all of the levels of the COVID-19 in South Africa. Cigarettes could contribute to the virus infections as one of the symptoms includes difficulty in breathing – and nicotine has been a major contribution of heart-disease-related illnesses.

South Africa caught be moving to level 2 very soon, however, the president will be addressing the nation very soon – and the outcome of it,  your guess is as good as mine.

SCHOOLS ON LEVEL 3 – Schools are expected to be open as of 8 June 2020, however, most of the schools will remain close as they are not ready. No one is forced to take their kids to school but the safety of children should come first.

Most public schools such as Bakwena High, Regorogile Combined have re-opened in North West Province. More on the story as it unfolds during the week.

Please stay at home and ensure you follow the South African regulations outlined by the government. Wash your hands with soap regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Cover your mouth when you cough, and should you suspect a coronavirus infection, please report and use the contact details outlined here.

The official COVID-19 portal by the Department of health is https://sacoronavirus.co.za/ accessible for free on any network.

(South Africa prepares for a heavy milestone of 50 000 COVID-19 cases and 1000 deaths this week | Stay Home | Stay Safe | Protect yourself and people around you)

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