Level 3: SASSA COVID-19 Grants Update (almost 5 million applications submitted)


In a statement, SASSA has confirmed almost 5 million applications submitted for the COVID-19 Grant relief. The figure is comprised of duplicate, incomplete, invalid, and undeserving applications. With this high volume of applications, SASSA has been unable to respond in time as it’s been operating with a third of its staff during level 4.

‘Just under 5 million applications have been received and this figure includes duplications, incomplete and invalid applications. Some applicants were sent messages to provide banking details and they are requested to respond as quickly so that they can be paid before month-end.’

South Africa will be moving to Level 3 on 1 June 2020, In that case, SASSA will have more of its staff operating which will evidently increase the number of payments made.

‘At the moment SASSA is operating with a third of its staff during level 4 and a move to level 3 will increase human resource capacity drastically so that payments are made quicker than it is the case currently.’


SASSA emphasized that those who do not have bank accounts will be paid using cardless services using any ATM (FNB, Capitec, Nedbank, Standard Bank, African Bank, ABSA)


SASSA is tackling the mammoth task at hand with all the resources available to eliminate wasteful expenditure and to avoid fraud.

‘This process involved intense negotiations with institutions in the value chain and this, unfortunately, accounted for the delays that were encountered. These delays proved to be worth it, given the number of applicants that could be excluded during the process as they are either in receipt of social grants or UIF – two factors which expressly disqualify applicants from receiving this grant’ Stated SASSA in a statement.

The SASSA CEO Totsie Memela has apologized for those inconvenienced by a slow process. ‘we had to remove duplicated and incomplete applications which account for nearly 50% of all applications received’ said Memela.

‘We have eliminated a number of undeserving applicants and this has saved the Fiscus close to R14 million which could have sky-rocketed to over R81 million by October.’

Please note that all citizens cannot apply for the COVID-19 relief grant at the SASSA offices. SASSA will only accept electronic applications (WhatsApp, USSD, online (http://srd.sassa.gov.za/) and email)


SASSA states that ‘On Mondays and Tuesdays local offices strictly attend to applications for Old Age Grants On Wednesdays and Thursdays local offices strictly attend to applications for Child Support Grants and foster child grants. Fridays are reserved for admin purposes as well as to deal with referred cases from previous days.’

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