Local Services Not So Lekker


A woman took to social media to express her disappointment at the service she received from a local restaurant.

Diego Raseroka took it upon herself to address the poor services black South Africans keep getting without reporting them.

“We let them get away with the Service that they give us and in turn they think that it’s okay for them to treat us that way.”, she said.

Diego further pointed out that she herself once worked as a waitress and made sure she gave the best services to her customers because that’s what she would expect.

Could the waitron have had a bad day or perhaps felt sick? Unfortunately we do not get the waitron’s side of the story on this matter.

Her post was received with mixed emotions, while some felt she was not sympathetic to the waitron others praised her for addressing the matter publicly.

Picture Diego took to express her disappointment for the service received

Service delivery is an issue that the majority of black South Africans struggle with on a daily basis, whether services that are supposed to be received from public offices or private business organisations. Could this, amongst others, be partially the reason why a particular demographic isn’t thriving in their own establishments? These are hard questions that have complicated answers.

Diego is the founder and director of Ross Holdings, a company that specialises in cleaning hygiene services. Her business further ensures that their services are top-notch, leaving each client satisfied.

Ross Cleaning Services

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