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Lockdown: South Africa moves to Level 1

Mogopa Village – As of Midnight Sunday, South Africa will move to a new less restricted level but still manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are regulations that have been agreed upon: Social, Religious, political, and other gatherings will be permitted as long as the venue capacity does not exceed 50%. A maximum of Up to 250 people will be permitted to be indoors and 500 people to be outdoors and each person should wear a mask.
Health protocols also need to be followed in level one which includes( Sanitizing, Wearing masks, and also social distancing). Funeral attendance will be increased from 50 people to 100 people. All entertainment venues to take up 50% of their capacity. Traveling to other less infected countries will also be permitted but the only airports that will be active will be King Shaka, OR Tambo, and Cape Town International.
Travelers from other countries must show negative results from their tests before traveling. Alcohol will be sold from Monday to Friday between 09h00-17h00 at every retail outlet. A curfew will start at midnight until 4 am and you must always wear a mask in public, restriction on masks hasn’t changed so if they find a person not wearing a mask in public it is a criminal offense.

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