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To get assistance with a lost or stolen Visa card, you can make use of the Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services available to you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day around the clock regardless of your destination.

South Africans can contact 0800 990475

If you cannot dial the toll-free number, you can call an alternative number and place a collect call on +1 303 967 1090.

Here’s a way to report

Incidents happen all the time, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s fault if you do not know your Visa card is, and suspect it may be stolen consider the following options:

  • If you are home and not Travelling with Visa, contact your bank or credit union and report loss or theft of your card and have the new card mailed to you (New replacements may have charged a fee), Keep your issuer’s details and your account details in handy for any unseen
  • If you will be traveling, get the toll-free number for your destination in case of an emergency separate from your card. Contact VGCAS (Visa Global Customer Assistance Services)

Toll-free numbers may be charged fees when you dial from your cellphone or a hotel phone and Visa will not be held liable for fees incurred during the call.

Collect Calls Number: +1 303 967 1090 (Call this number through a local phone network operator). To stay safe from being defrauded report your lost card immediately, DO NOT WAIT FOR AN UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTION BEFORE TAKING ACTION. It is often the best practice to report each incident and suspicious activity to completely prevent being defrauded. 

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