Lotto Results, Saturday – 20 June 2020

The following are the winning numbers for Saturday:
  • Lotto: 06, 24, 28, 40, 45, 49 Bonus Ball: 39
  • Lotto Plus 1: 03, 10, 22, 29, 38, 43 Bonus Ball: 13
  • Lotto Plus 2: 16, 17, 19, 38, 49, 50 Bonus Ball: 02
The estimated jackpots: 
Lotto: R8 million
Lotto Plus 1: R12 million
Lotto Plus 2:  R4.5 million

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Please note that the results will be updated after they have been released on SABC 2, at 20:55. iBusiness will ensure the results are updated within 15min after the aired results.

I encourage you to visit the National Lottery Website for more information.  We will continue to serve you with Lottery Results as well as Powerball Results for every draw.

The ticket only costs R5.00 per board and additional costs (R2.50 for Plus 1 and /or R2.50 for Plus 2) are charged when you select the Plus 1 and 2 games.

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