Making Money for Festive Season in South Africa


Making Money for Festive Season in South Africa, including for Christmas and the entire December. 

Festive Season South Africa
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25th December of each year is a Christmas Day – celebrated by millions of Christians as the birth of Jesus Christ around the globe – whereas, in other regions, the day is celebrated differently. The spirit of Christmas seems to be highly active in some of the other regions around the globe, and not so much in other areas.

In South Africa and most countries around the globe celebrate Christmas Day by going to church (This is a global routine by Christians), going out, family feast, etc.

South Africans love going out and having fun during December time, in some areas in South Africa like North West and Gauteng, it is referred to as “dizzy-tyd” – which directly translates “Dizzy Times”, and believe it or not, the word sounded fitting that most celebrities use the word more often during the last month of the year.


December brings such hype and is celebrated throughout the entire earth in different ways – in South Africa – the fun begins on the very first day of the last month of the year to welcome and starting the farewell process of the year.

How people overspent

01 December (World Aids Day)

The world’s aids awareness starts on the 1st which is considered ‘World’s Aids Day’. While on the other hand is the beginning of the ultimate festive season, where people overspent with friends and family. The beginning of December is treated as “Pen’s down” – this is when Grade 12’s (Matric Students) bid farewell to their first step in life as they begin another entrepreneurial and educational journey.

In South Africa, especially in rural areas, I barely see young people participating in awareness activities, when in fact; they use the day to welcome the month of December in terms of parties.

Having accepted the way our young people perceive life, spending money on liquor should always be done cautiously. I’ve witnessed a lot of young individuals spending about R10 000 ($690) on liquor, which I always advised against, however, lately I’ve come to realize that you can spend however much as aligned to your budget.

02 December

The 2nd Day of December is a typical hangover day – You may hear young people hurl out words such as “the party continues”, “the fun never stops”, “Monate mpolaye”, etc. and yes, as suspected – they continue to spend (This is the reality of most young people in South Africa).

03 December – 12 December

During this period there are people going back to work – normal working hours (At the same time, there are plans in play for the coming days), whereas some take leave.

13 December – 15 December

Final preparations for the 16th of December, during this period, youngsters spend between R4 000 – R16 000 in groups.  An average individual spends about R1000 for the 16th of December.

16 December (Day of Reconciliation)

The Day of Reconciliation is a public holiday in South Africa held annually on 16 December. The date was chosen because it was significant to both Afrikaner and African cultures. The holiday came into effect in 1994 after the end of apartheid, with the intention of fostering reconciliation and national unity. The day is also the de facto start of the South African summer holiday period being the first of four public holidays to fall in a sixteen-day period at the height of summer.

For Afrikaners, 16 December was commemorated as the Day of the Vow, also known as Day of the Covenant or Dingaan’s Day. The Day of the Vow was a religious holiday commemorating the Voortrekker victory over the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River in 1838 and is still celebrated by some Boers. On the other side of the political spectrum, 16 December is also the anniversary of the 1961 founding of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the armed wing of the African National Congress.

South Africa celebrates the day of reconciliation. There are all-white parties throughout South Africa, during this period; there is some extra money that’s been spent for some extra items.

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17 December

The 17Th of December is a typical hangover day, some people continue to spend some extra cash, and some may have lost some items that may urgently need replacing.  In some instances, you may find that some have suffered a few injuries, hopefully, if that’s the worst that can happen.

18 December – 23 December

Some people may be forced to be working during these days including weekends. However, this is when families plan to gather together, and yes, more money will be spent. Some may plan a small gathering for the 24th Christmas Eve and 25th Christmas Day).

24 December (Christmas Eve)

Families gather together, and more money is spent on Christmas Eve.

25 December (Christmas Day)

This is Christmas Day; families would usually go to town and make a massive grocery for a massive family feast. More money is spent.

26 December – 30 December

On the 26th of December, it is Day of Goodwill and allows many people to give back to the community just after Christmas day.

Now, this is when young people should be taking a breeze, but NO, this is the week that drives you to the final weekend of the year.  The FINAL WEEKEND OF THE YEAR brings the ultimate hype; families spend money together, some plan a get-away holiday.

31 December

The majority of the people across South Africa and around the world make plans for this final day of the year, NEW YEAR’S EVE. Throughout the afternoon people buy all that’s needed to cross over to NEW YEAR. There’s more money spent than any other day of the year.

A group of 5 people can spend about R15 000 – R50 000 in the whole month of December.

How to make quick money for the festive season

The best way to make money for a festive season is through what’s called by South Africans – a “Tender”, which is used as an informal word to describe an odd job.  Around the clock-all-year-round, I’ve witnessed a majority of young people who tend to be desperate for an odd job during the festive season.  It’s during these times when we celebrate and feast with our friends and families.

Globally, the world celebrates different diversified cultures with different beliefs and traditions, as well as folklores.

There are different solutions for any situation that one may encounter including ways of finding a positive outcome in making quick cash for your festive season.  Most young black South Africans work odd jobs to make quick cash for a festive season. Here’s a list of some of the other 1 – 3 days odd jobs.

  1. Grass Removal

This is very common during festivals when a lot of families are expecting visitors; this is when a shovel is used typically for removing the grass completely until the ground is visible. In Setswana, which is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa, it is called “Go tlhagola”, which loosely translates “Grass removal”.

In South African, Grass Removal can be charged between R50 – R1500 depending on the size of the job.  It is on the number one list because most rural areas in South Africa have built their RDPs, Shacks, and Houses in areas where grass pops up in every angle of the yard and thus needs servicing.

  1. Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is the act of cutting grass using a blade or mower on a lawn. To keep your cultivated and mowed grass in good shape, you need maintenance. During the festive season, as friends and families come to visit, they would usually make use of the lawn furniture; they may host a lawn party, or lunch every now and then.

Lawn Mowing depending on the individual and size of the total work can be charged between R50 – R1000.

  1. Planting / Gardening

There is, in a lot of cases where you may find individuals who hire people to come to cultivate the land and plant flowers, vegetables, as well as trees.  You may consider it as gardening. You may charge a fee according to your needs.

There’s a profession for gardening and thus requires a lot of skill and knowledge.  This can be charged from R500 and up.

  1. Landscaping

The designing and the look of the garden can be considered as landscaping. This also has a profession and may require experience. A hefty fee may be charged; in the local area, a fair fee is charged.

  1. Plants Trimming

Usually during holidays and festive seasons, especially during spring – the season of growth and summer – the season of warmth, coming together and forming a beautiful healthy environment.  When the environment is greener and has way too many loose leaves and branches – the need for plant trimming becomes a necessity, where you find people hired to trim flowers and trees. Fees charged may vary depending on the number, type, and size of your plants.

  1. Weeding Service / Pruning Plants

This is an easy exercise where any plant that crowds out cultivated plants is removed. You may charge R50 and up as it is a one day service.

  1. Making Hedges

This is a fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes, making this may take some time, however, aligning the planted shrubs and/or bushes may cost a fee of about R50 to R200 as a one day service.

  1. Assistant in House Building / Renovations / Extension

In some cases towards November/December festive season most people renovate houses, you may help add more rooms and or assist in building the whole house. As an assistant, you may charge a fee of about R100 – R1500 depending on your experience and workload.

  1. Carpentry

Making things out of wood is a very interesting activity, and quite very intriguing that one can take so many hours of patience creating a piece of work.  This takes talent and patience; you can sell your work for however much you want.  Art is priceless.

  1. Car Wash

Running a car wash may seem easy, but it goes the same as a salesperson –, you have to be found and at the same time, you have to go out and find customers. A car wash is about the look, trust, and honesty.

I have to trust you with my keys and personal items in the car – you can make a lot more than a taxi driver washing cars. You may charge R50 per car. 10 cars make R500 in a heartbeat.  It’s very effective when it’s 2 to 3 people.

  1. Fencing

You may find an odd job to assist in fencing, and you may charge R100 – R250 in a day.

  1. Cowherd and /or Shepherd

Many farmers in South Africa hire someone who will herd their cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals.

  1. Plumbing

You may get a plumbing job as a one day service, and the fee charged is mostly a verbal agreement.

  1. Other Quick Services

There are other quick services that you may do for a number of different individuals in your community to make money for December, Festive Season, or perhaps just for Christmas.  December is a very busy month, and there’s always something to do – look around, ask around, get an odd job, best suitable for school kids during holidays.

Thinking beyond hard-labor and more into our technical things of side? Well, even so, the work can be as tiring, and there are a number of ways to quickly make cash online to spend over the festive season.

The online environment is a diverse and number one place where everyone is given freedom of speech. This is where you final all types of people from professionals to amateurs all of which are successful in their online work.

Think beyond words, and think in 1’s and 0’s – that’s all it takes to have a powerful tool that can reach out to millions of people around the world.

You can make money online for a festival season using the following:

  1. Forex

This does require a lot of work and you will be bombarded with a whole lot of information. Please make note of our disclaimer in our footer. You can start trading using any broker, Most South Africans prefer JPMarkets, however, and any broker best suited for your trading needs will do.

During December the market is very versatile and very risky and may not work on your favor, please read more on Forex Trading.

  1. Blogging

You may start a blog about things that interest you and monetize it using AdSense, read more on how to start a blog

  1. Affiliate / Selling Products Online

You can sell products online, you can use affiliates, or sell physical products online, learn more about affiliates and selling online products.

  1. Web Design

Web Design requires a special skill set, you have to know what you doing, and are able to meet the client’s needs. Learn more about how to create websites.

  1. Logo Maker

Make quick cash by creating professional logos for newly registered companies or already established businesses.

  1. Business Registrar

There are thousands of business registrar companies – anyone with the CIPC account is able to register a business on behalf of a client or for themselves. You may charge R500 – R750 per company registration. Learn more about company registration

  1. Reseller

Become a reseller and sell all kinds of products for all sorts of business. There are huge companies offering reseller packages such as Amazon etc. You will be able to make money through your white-labeled company.

You can sell Website Hosting Solutions, Tangible Products, Digital Products, etc.  There are thousands of companies and individuals making money through resellers’ Programmes.

  1. CV maker

Design CVs for people at a small fee, you may charge R50 per CV (Including printing and free updates)

  1. Start a Job Board

Create a Job Board and charge a fee per Job Posted, or offer both premium and free job posting. This requires massive patience and dedication.

Don’t overspend during the festive season, plan ahead of time

People are filled with a lot of guilt for overspending during festive seasons. Yes, it’s the time for fun, joy, and gaiety but when it comes to money – it’s always best to plan ahead and set up a working budget to strengthen your financial health.

The December hype can be very influential, just remember – the best time to have fun, it isn’t when everyone is having fun, but when there’s a need to when you have all your priorities on line.

January isn’t a month to despair because of financial straits; it should be a month of a fresh beginning of a continued journey. Draw up a budget and pinpoint everything individually such as money to spend on Entertainment, Food, Gasoline (petroleum), etc.  One’s budget can never be compared to another, stick to your own, and you will be fine.


December comes once every year and comes with 31 days. You can’t spend 11 Months’ Worth of saved money in 31 days of a single month.

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