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A professional website deserves a professional email address. There are a number of hosting companies that urges users to use and/or buy Microsoft Office 365. The Microsoft Office 365 has the whole office features such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access OneNote, Outlook and Publisher. All these desktop features are often updated regularly for the latest features in each application.

You can use OneDrive to run your business, and or use a secured online Office to save your work. Most of the hosting companies use the online essentials to have a domain-based email address. In some instances, you can be able to have real-time online meetings, and can use Skype for business on your personal computer.

The Microsoft Office 365 comes with a single License Purchase – thus sharing your package will have your documents accessed – have your own, and each employee will be required to have their own Microsoft Office 365 Account.

Your cloud storage can be linked with your latest Microsoft Office, Office 2010, Office 2011, Office 2013 as well as 2016 if you are using a Mac. Purchasing multiple accounts is possible if you want each employee to have a Microsoft Office 365. Remember you can use Microsoft Office 365 for Personal Use.

What is Office Online?

Have your own Microsoft Office Online and get all the Microsoft essentials important for your business and or personal use. You will have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. These features can be accessed online in the cloud.

Yes, your cloud storage plays a bigger role in Office Online as all your files will be saved in your cloud. You can share your work with your colleagues if necessary.

Understanding Cloud

Having your work storage on the internet and not on your local PC or Hard drives is known as Cloud. Having a Cloud Storage means, you can access your files anywhere in the world as long as you securely access them using your credentials.

Google also offers cloud storage – Your Google Drive can be used to back up your website, files and just about anything.

Companies offering cloud ensures that your work is safe on secured servers. In this case, even when you replace your laptop or desktop, you will be able to access your files, even when the unexpected happens, like when your disc-driver “crushes”.

Understanding domain-based email

My domain-based email is and people can take me seriously – You can do a lot more with a domain-based email, you can communicate with your customers or in my case, my blog readers who I help with website design, investment advice, forex trading and more. People will know that the email is really from you and not anyone else.

Look more professional – be trusted, and continue working on your business.

5 Hosting Companies offering Microsoft Office 365

1. MWEB Microsoft Office 365

MWEB offers Microsoft Office 365 Home for a 12 Month plan or once-off. You can choose a package with the number of users you want to be able to access it.

  • MWEB offers a package for 5 users from as little as R109pm or pay a once-off R1308.00
  • There’s also Office 365 for Personal Use as a single user and pay less than R100 a month and or less than R1100 for a once-off plan.

Applications included are Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote and Publisher and Access for your Personal Computer.

You may also have a Microsoft Office with an annual license for 5 users, all essential applications, 60 min Skype call per user, and cloud storage of 1TB (1000GB) per user.

The Microsoft Office 365 can be installed in multiple devices – whether it’s on your phone (Android), iPhone, iPad, PCs, etc. it will work the same way except you need a PC to access ‘Publisher and Access’ Application.

Online Office requires Internet Access to install and activate Microsoft Office 365 products.

MWEB promises cheater rates than the Microsoft for some products. You will be billed through MWEB, and an annual license is offered on a monthly payment agreement.

You can also get a 25GB Premium Mailbox for less than R60 or a 50GB Premium mailbox for R75 with MWEB. Get all your emails into your mailbox, and get features such as tasks, calendar, etc. You will be protected against spam and phishing attempts – and you can add your email account to any device.

2. GoDaddy Microsoft Office 365

GoDaddy offers Microsoft Office 365 and has categorized it into 3 parts: Online Essentials, Business Premium, and Advanced Security.  Each package includes 24/7 support, share online calendars, cloud storage, Online Office Versions, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.

Your Microsoft Version will always be updated. You will get OneNote for Mac Users; some important applications include Access and Outlook. You will be able to access your Office anywhere in the world and will be protected.

Have domain-based email addresses for your business (Small, medium or any kind of business you are running).

The Online Essential Package includes 1TB secure online storage for all your files and documents.

The Business Premium in addition to features included on the Online Essential includes latest office version for 5 PCs or Mac Users.

The Advanced Security Microsoft Office 365 Package includes business apps to best help you grow your business.

You still have a choice to create an email with ‘Email Essentials’ Package from GoDaddy offering you 5 GB email storage, or an ‘Email Plus’ package with 50GB email storage.

See GoDaddy’s Professional Email packages as well as Microsoft Office 365 packages.

3. 1-Grid Email Hosting

1-grid offers Email Hosting for your professional business and/or website. You can choose the package that best works for you. You will be able to create unlimited email accounts. The Website Panel will help you manage your hosting functions offered by 1-grid.

Your package will include antivirus and anti-spam filtering, not to forget free security and backup. Your information will be protected with a world-class SSLs and firewalls giving you peace of mind to keep your business running.

1-Grid offers a MEDIUM and LARGE package. They all come with autoresponders, IMAP / POP3, Catch-All and Webmail. If you need only 5GB of storage you can go for a medium package, however, for a 20GB mail storage, you can go for a large package offered by 1-grid.

4. AfriHost Email Hosting

No matter how many times we can go about the importance of having an email address for your business, the facts will still remain the same way. Yes, a domain-based address makes you look professional. I remember when a friend of mine showed me a job offer, but however, they were using a Gmail account – Yes, a Gmail is a professional mailing system that is mostly used for personal use and not for business. But you are able to use your domain-based email address and integrate it with Gmail at a fee.

AfriHost Email Hosting offers you up to 250 customized email addresses – that can either be used by your employees and or anyone with access to them. You get free webmail access to read your emails whenever you want.

  • Depending on how many accounts you want, you can take a Bronze Email plan for up to 10 emails and with a disk quota of 300MB.
  • Or, you can decide on a Silver Email plan for up to 50 emails with 750 disk quota
  • Or 100 emails for Gold Email Plan and get up to 2GB of disk space
  • Ultimately you can get a Platinum Email Package with a possibility of up to 250 email accounts and a 3GB of mailing storage.

Each emailing package comes with Webmail, POP3 and IMAP, Spam Filters, Anti-Virus and a whole lot more.

You should bear in mind that – you have to purchase a domain name separately and take a look at all Domain Registration Packages by AfriHost.

For more information, you can access the AfriHost website on and choose a package that best suits your business.

5. CloudFusion Microsoft Office 365

CloudFusion Microsoft Office 365 is one of the recommended services that you can consider to purchase.  Get the right package for your business and start to grow it. Microsoft should be the name you trust, and CloudFusion should be the name across your business solutions. Why not get Office 365 solutions from CloudFusion, when it has been made this easy.

Think of the security Office 365 offers, and your work will be safe online in the cloud. You will be able to access your work whenever you want at no extra cost. Each package comes with essentials for your business needs or even personal needs.

Whether you are only starting out, or you already established a business, do the right thing and do whatever it takes to grow your business. Take advantage of all opportunities and keep going.


Choose the company that will meet all your needs. If you have any questions, tweet me on @izaacmore, or reach out via the contact form, and or find me on Facebook, and or Instagram (@izaacmore) – Get the right Microsoft Office 365 from the right company and build yourself a professional domain-based email at just a click of a button.

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