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MTN Data Bundles

MTN Data Deals
Data Deals to Surf the internet with MTN bundles, image: pxhere.com

MTN (Mobile Telephone Networks) Data Bundles ranges from the Hourly Data Bundles, Daily Data Bundles, Weekly Data Bundles, Fortnightly Bundles, and Monthly Data Bundles. These are the options you can choose from when you want to purchase MTN data bundles.

MTN has been around for a while and has enough coverage in South Africa. Here are the bundles you can purchase.

MTN Hourly Data Bundles

People have always complained about Data, and how expansive it is, but not when it comes to MTN hourly Data Bundles. Everyone has an option to choose from.  If you want to be busy for just an hour over the internet you have an option to purchase any of the following data options.

If you want to check messages on your social media for an hour, provided that you won’t be downloading big files above the purchased data, you can buy an Hourly MTN 15MB for only R2.00 (There isn’t much to do with 15MB but you will be able to view WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter Messages and stay in touch, you may just use the Free Facebook Mode to minimize data over usage)

The Hourly MTN 50MB for R5.00, you can do a little more, you may view Instagram, Google a few pages for an hour.

NB: MTN Hourly bundles are valid for an hour post your purchase.

You can easily use the MTN USSD to purchase the hourly Data Bundles offered by MTN.

If you want to watch a movie for an hour you may want to consider an MTN 1GB for R30.00, or you may also consider the MTN 150MB to view a few Youtube videos.

Here are the prices and Data bundles for the MTN Hourly bundles

MTN 15 MBR2.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 50MBR5.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 150MBR12.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 1GBR30.001 Day/ 24hrs

MTN Daily Data Bundles

When you only have a day to browse the internet, there will always be a great option for you. Depending on what you want to do with the data bundles, there are 6 options to choose from. Choose from a minimum of 25MB to a maximum of 1GB.

Are you applying for a job? Or just want to check your messages online, perhaps to read your Gmail account, in just a day; you can do so much with a Daily MTN 1GB for only R50.00 – you can enjoy all your favorite videos all day long, and enjoy the benefits of being part of the MTN Family.

MTN 25 MBR5.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 50 MBR8.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 75 MBR12.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 120 MBR15.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 300MBR27.001 Day/ 24hrs
MTN 1GBR50.001 Day/ 24hrs

MTN Weekly Bundles

You can choose an MTN Weekly bundle to stay connected for 7 days from the day of purchase. One complete week is your validity period post your purchase. You can purchase from the minimum of MTN 50MB for R10.00 and a maximum of MTN 5GB for R199.00.

MTN 50MBR10.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 70MBR12.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 100MBR15.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 120MBR17.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 200MBR25.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 350MBR40.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 500MBR55.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 1GBR70.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 2GBR99.001 Week/ 7 Days
MTN 5GBR199.001 Week/ 7 Days

MTN Fortnightly Bundles

If you are working on a budget, you can purchase an MTN Fortnightly Data Bundles for only R110.00 and get a 1GB to use for only 2 weeks (14 Days from the day of purchase)

MTN 1GBR110.002 Week/ 14 Days

MTN Monthly Data Bundles

The most standard MTN Data bundles are those of a monthly validity period. You can purchase these bundles on your phone to use for a month. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be using the internet for a month, it only means, for as long as your Data Bundles are available, you will be able to access the internet for a month.

If you run out of data before the end of the month, you will have to purchase another bundle to keep going. The minimum MTN Data bundle is MTN 20MB for only R10.00 and the maximum MTN Monthly Data Bundle is 100GB for R3 499.00.

Get these bundles and stay connected to the internet

MTN 20MBR10.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 50MBR20.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 100MBR29.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 150MBR39.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 300MBR60.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 600MBR99.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 750MBR120.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 1GBR149.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 1.5GBR189.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 3GBR299.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 6GBR399.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 10GBR499.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 20GBR899.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 30GBR1 249.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 50GBR1 999.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle
MTN 100GBR3 499.001 Month / 1 Bill-Cycle

Author’s notes

You are more than welcome to compare Data Bundles from different SA Telephone Networks. You can download the MyMTN app to purchase the bundles, or you can use the USSD Codes.

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