MTN Everyday Gigs 2021


MTN is offering the MTN Everyday Gigs which allows you to purchase once and receive daily, weekly, or monthly recurring data bundles all automated.

To obtain this, you will have to choose from a monthly, weekly and/or a daily bundle

MTN Monthly bundle

Monthly MTN bundles are available for 30 days calendar month. “The daily data will be valid for the day and will expire at 11:59 pm on the same day. You’ll then automatically get a new daily data amount loaded for the next day.”

  • 1GB per day for 30 days (30GB)R499
  • 2GB per day for 30 days (60GB)R699

MTN Weekly Bundle

Weekly Bundles give you a set of daily data and will be valid for the day and will expire midnight and you will automatically get new daily data.

  • 1GB per day for 7 days (7GB)   R149
  • 2GB per day for 7 Days (14GB)R199

MTN Daily Bundle

Daily expires midnight on the same day.

  • 1GB for 1 day (1GB)R29
  • 2GB for 1 day (2GB)R49

How to purchase Everyday Gig?

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