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USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which is a shortcode to access free services hosted on the MTN network. However, some USSD may cost a fee per 20 seconds/transaction.  USSD is an advanced method used by SA Networks to access your MTN balance, Banking Application, etc.

USSD Sessions may be charged 20c for every 20 seconds and the session lasts for 30 seconds, and thus you have to navigate the menu within half a minute before you get a timeout message. Most MTN USSD Codes are Free of charge.

There are premium rated content in which you may subscribe and billed daily, weekly, monthly or per session hence it depends on the USSD service offered.

How does USSD Work?

Every USSD starts with an asterisk and it ends with a hash, e.g. *135# or can be a direct dial string such as *135*6#.


USSD gives you access to a menu hosted on the MTN Network from free to premium content. A USSD main menu has 3-digits; this will take you to an interactive menu.  An active USSD menu has a 30-second session; however, the maximum USSD session can go as high as 180 Seconds and when roaming you may not be able to access USSD service.

How to Check MTN Balances

Whether you are on MTN Contract or MYN PayAsYouGo (PAYG) you can check your balances free of charge. Be it you want to check your monthly remaining airtime, SMSs, and Data.

USSD Code used: *136#

How to Make an MTN Callback

Do you want to send a callback to your friends and family to get them to call you on your MTN number? You can send a callback to any network at any time anywhere you are around South Africa.

If you have run out of airtime and need someone to call you urgently dial the following USSD to make a callback:

USSD used: *121*Cell Phone Number#

Example: *121*0830000000#

How to Divert Calls

Sometimes you just want someone else to answer your calls on your MTN number. You can simply divert your calls. If you are too busy and cannot answer your calls, you use a USSD to divert your unanswered calls.

USSD used: **61*number #

NB: the number you are diverting your calls to (for example, **61*083000000#). You will be charged R9.99 per month for the diverting service.  You can cancel you divert calls by dialing ##61# this is also charged R9.99 per month.

How to Purchase MTN Data Bundles

If you run out of your Data bundles, it can be frustrating at times, however, there is the simplest method to purchase your MTN Data using the USSD string. You can purchase the data through the following string.

USSD code used: *136*2# (This service is Free)

You have an option to check your Data balances after the purchase using the USSD string required for a detailed balance inquiry.

USSD String used: *136*1# (This string, however, will send a detailed balance of your Data, SMSs, and Airtime and it’s Free)

You have an option to cancel your data bundles for free using the following USSD:

*136*5# Free (Data cancellation)

How to Check for IMEI number

IMEI is used for insurance purposes in case you lose your phone. It is often written at the back of your phone; if you lose your phone there will be no way to retrieve it. It is best to have it saved somewhere.

To get your IMEI number, dial the following USSD String for free on your cellphone using any network:

USSD: *#06# and the IMEI will appear on your screen

International Calling and Voicemail

In most cases, we travel the world, and sometimes even when we are locally based, we tend to make a lot of international calls for our businesses – and or making family and social calls anywhere you are around the world. In a case that you want to make an international call and need to know how much it’s going to cost you, you should dial the following USSD string:

USSD: *135*2# and it’s free from your MTN cellphone.

In the case of a voicemail, you will be able to listen to your messages when you are abroad by using a USSD string.

USSD code used for international voicemail retrieval: *135# and it’s free.

MTN Master Menu

In a case that you need the whole MTN menu, or perhaps all the services offered by MTN – you can do so using the USSD code and It’s free.

USSD code for MTN Master Menu: *136*0#

MTN subscription Management

I use to wonder in my days growing up, not having to figure out the services I’ve subscribed to and or how I ended up subscribing to those services.

MTN offers you a USSD code where you can able to access your bundles and subscriptions. All you have to do is dial the following USSD code:

USSD: *136*5# free from your cellphone.

MTN Directory Enquiries

There are listed numbers across the globe, most of which are business numbers; however, some have personal details. If the number is listed in a directory, getting it is just a breeze on a summer day.

You can get or request or even ask to be forwarded to your requested number using a USSD code specially designed to cater for directory inquiries.

USSD code used: *200# each request will be charged R2

MTN Eazi Recharge

MTN Eazi Recharge USSD was created to help you as a customer, purchase SMSs, Data and/or Airtime using your Debit, Credit or cheque account.

This service is for prepaid purchases using your bank card (Absa, Nedbank or Standard Bank) – The USSD string used is as follows:

USSD: *136*10# and it’s free from your MTN Cellphone.

How to buy or transfer using MTN Me2U

A Me2U string with MTN is used to purchase and or transfer your prepaid bundles as you wish to your friends and family. Sometimes we do run of airtime – if a family member or a friend is in need, you can keep them connected, by transferring a prepaid bundle to them.

The USSD used: *136*3#, the MTN Me2U String is Free of charge.

MTN PayAsYouGo Data Roaming

MTN Roaming should be activated in South Africa before deciding to travel the world/continent. You can check your balances using the USSD string *141# and for rates, dial *111*1#.

For MTN roaming dial *135# and it’s free of charge


This service intrigues me – but it’s best for Family and Friends emergencies. I believe, it can be a lifesaver when you are desperate and out of airtime.

MTN Pay4Me is a method used to call someone when you don’t have airtime and have them pay for your call. The person called can accept or reject the call, if they accept the call; they will be charged 99c per minute.

The USSD String used: *127*number# and it’s free from your side.

MTN Service

If you are having any kind of issues on your phone, be it internet connection, SMS configuration, MMS, etc. you can simply access the MTN Service USSD code to set up your phone.

USSD code used: *123# and it’s free of charge.

MTN Price Plan Migration

There are a number of Price Plans or Tariffs offered by MTN – and all you have to do is to compare and choose the one that’s best suitable for your needs.

You may do so by using the USSD code: *136*4# and it’s free from your MTN Cellphone.

How to Make MTN Purchases

Making MTN purchases made easy with a USSD string, you can have access to your SMSs, Data, voice and even promotional bundles via a USSD code.

MTN has made it easy for you to make prepaid purchases anywhere and anytime.

USSD used: *136*2# and it’s free from your cellphone

How to recharge MTN using Absa

The Absa Bank has been around for a while – and I may have had a though growing up that it’s for the rich; however, I corrected myself along the way.

Recharge using Absa using a USSD code for absolutely free.

ABSA USSD CODE: *120*2272#

How to recharge MTN using Capitec

Capitec is one of the fastest-growing banks in South Africa – The bank has exceeded my expectations in terms of innovative ideas and customer care.

You can now use a free USSD code to make prepaid purchases;


How to recharge MTN using FNB

You don’t need airtime to buy airtime – simply get access to your banking profile using the FNB USSD code for free.

Using the code you can purchase MTN data, SMSs, and Airtime.

FNB USSD Banking Code: *120*321#

How to recharge MTN using Nedbank

Yes, the banking sector together with MTN has made things easier for prepaid customers, you can absolutely recharge your MTN number using the Nedbank free USSD code.

Nedbank USSD Banking code: *120*001#

How to recharge MTN using Standard Bank

Standard Bank has been around for a while has been coming up with great banking ideas as well as meeting customers’ needs. Now, you can purchase your MTN bundles free of charge without fear of losing your current airtime. You can access the USSD String with R0.00 airtime balance.

Standard Bank USSD Banking code: *120*2345#

How to purchase SMS bundles

Purchasing SMSs on MTN has been made easy, all you have to do is to access the USSD Code menu and select ‘SMS’ to purchase the SMS bundle.

MTN USSD SMS Purchase code:  *136*2# for free

Canceling SMS Bundles
you can cancel your SMS bundles using the string *136*5# under ‘Manage Bundles’

SMS Roaming

In a case where you’ll be traveling and have activated the SMS roaming service before leaving South Africa, you can use the following free USSD Code: *135*14#

Tariff Analyzer

You can compare MTN tariffs before you change or deciding on which one is best for you using the Tariffs Analyzer USSD code and it’s free.

 USSD code used: *136*4*0#

How to unblock MTN Cellphone on MTN Contract

In most cases, it happens that we forget our pin codes, which may lead to our cellphone/SIM Card blocked. If you are an MTN Contract customer you can use a **05* USSD code.

How is it used?

To unblock your MTN Contract number, dial the following:

**05*PUK*New Pin*Repeat New Pin# and it’s free from your cellphone

Accessing MTN 1-4-1 Loyalty

You have to register for the MTN 141 loyalty to be able to earn points. Then you can claim and redeem your points however you want.

MTN 141 Loyalty USSD Code: *136*9# free from your cellphone.

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