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If you are running your businesses online, and it happens that you have multiple domains, it might be time to rethink your SSL certification purchaseThere are companies I know with more than 20 websites of which most were related to each other.

Having multiple SSLs issued individually can be very expensive; however, there is a solution to any problem. Most hosting companies provide solutions for companies with multiple websites to just purchase a single SSL Certificate that will cater to all your websites.

What is a Multi-domain SAN SSL Certificate?

What is SAN SSL Certificate
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The Multi-domain SAN (Subject Alternative Name) SSL Certificate secures multiple domain names. You can secure up to 100 different domains with a single SSL. It is best to use Multi-Domain SSL with you have related websites, and if you don’t want your websites to seem connected to one another, then you shouldn’t use the SAN SSL.

This type of SSL can also be used with shared hosting, or rather any kind of hosting. If you have more than one website, consider using a SAN SSL to secure all of your websites. It is cost-effective than when having to buy separate SSLs.

Remember it will cost less when you purchase one SAN SSL than to purchase multiple SSLs. And setting SSLs can be time-consuming, and thus have one SSL for multiple websites is actually time effective.

SAN SSL lets you add more websites on a later stage when you create more sites – as you are able to add up to 100 websites. You can add a website in increments of 5’s 10’s 15’s etc.

You can choose a SAN SSL to secure only 5 domains for a low price, and you are welcome to add more sites at an extra fee.

Types of Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

  • Standard (DV) Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate
  • OV Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate
  • EV Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

You can have a DV SAN SSL Certificate for your multiple blog websites, or OV SAN SSL or EV SSL Certificate for your business.

Give your visitors the confidence to click on your website, and have them come back to your trusted website.

3 Companies offering the Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

Website hosting solutions for your SSL security needs. These companies can provide Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate solutions for your business site.

1. 1-Grid Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

1-Grid offers a Multi-Domain Organizational Validation (OV) SSL Certificate. Before the OV SAN SSL is issued, your company will have to be validated. The issuer makes sure the business exists. The CA (Certificate Authority) will also have to confirm the domain’s owner. You will have a padlock in your address bar.

The Multi-Domain OV by 1-Grid, you can secure up to 4 Domains and all subdomains for R1619/yr.

2. SmartWeb Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

SmartWeb offers Multi-Domain SSL Certificates for 2 kinds of SSL Solutions that is DV and EV SSL Certificates.

  • From just as little as R495/yr. when you take a 2-year package or R595/yr. you can secure up to 3 websites (Different Domain) for DV Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate (This is issued by Comodo (CA – Certificate Authority))
  • You can get a Unified Communications SAN Certificate and get to protect up to 3 websites from R1499/yr. when you take a 2-year package or R1599/yr. issued by Comodo. (for DV Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate)
  • SmartWeb also offers an EV SSL Multi-Domain for only R3499/yr. when you take a 2-year package deal or R3999/yr. by Comodo.

3. GoDaddy Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

With GoDaddy, you can get a Multiple Domain SAN SSL Certificate from Domain Validation (DV) SSL, Organization Validation (OV) SSL and Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

Go to the GoDaddy website for more information.

From as little as R1 959, 99/year you can have your Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate issued in minutes for DV and takes a few days for OV and EV.

Protect up to 100 sites, you can add more sites in time at any time of the day for a small fee. Hear from GoDaddy and dial 087 550 2180.

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