My Vodacom App

My Vodacom App
My Vodacom App, image:

Who doesn’t love a summary of their account at one click? My Vodacom App gives you all your account details all at a go. You don’t need to fiddle through your account trying to figure out what’s what, because everything you need will be right in the front of your eyes.

Why use the My Vodacom App?

We all want to rip the benefits that come with My Vodacom App. With the App, you can be able to view the Details balance – Before I dwell into that, once you access the app, you already get a summary of your Airtime and Data.

You can use the app to view:

  • Your SMS balances,
  • Your Airtime Balances,
  • Your SMSs
  • Your MMSs

In this case, you will be able to track how much Data and Airtime was spent. This gives you an opportunity to manage/control how you can spend your Data and Airtime.

You can also view your “My Services” – where you can set limits to your calls and manage VAS services. This option can be vital if you don’t want to use up all of your minutes/airtime.

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The App has a very visible “BUY” option – where you can Buy Data and Airtime – The app allows you to buy data bundles and airtime (You can buy airtime first, then data – or straight-up data it’s up to you, it’s your App).

There are a variety of secure payment methods that you can easily use to purchase your bundles and it’s a very convenient way for you as a user. You can use your debit or credit card to make purchases from the App; you can also deduct the cost from your airtime balance when making purchases.

The App comes with Sending up to 20 FREE SMSs per day to send to any Vodacom number, I wish they can include sending to any number. You can schedule your SMSs to be sent later or can be sent immediately.

The App has the “Account Details” feature to view account numbers, contract end date, upgrade date, and so much more.

How to download the “My Vodacom App” on your cellphone?

You can download the “My Vodacom App” on Google Play, App Store or Directly from the Vodacom Website. The App is free on your Vodacom handset, and you can start using it immediately after a download.

Download the app on:

V by Vodafone app

V by Vodafone App
V by Vodafone App, image:

The V Vodafone App by Vodacom is an App by Vodacom to keep track of your smart devices. You can spy on your expensive gadgets – from your Car to home security, you can by V-Home Security Starter kid to make your home safe.

Vodacom has now introduced a V-Pet Tracker, to find your pet’s location any time of the day via GPS tracking; you can also include a V-SIM to connect all your devices to your network.

There’s also V-kids watch to know where your kids are, it’s a watch for kids – for them, it’s a watch, for you, it’s a guard. Vodacom also introduced the V-Bag to track your bag.

How to download V by Vodafone App

You can download the app on Google Play and App Store

Visit for more information.

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