NCR - National Credit Regulator
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NCR stands for the National Credit Regulator, and it was established as the regulator under the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005. NCR is solely responsible for the regulation of the South African Credit Industry.

NCR further responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of the Act
  • Education and research as well as policy development
  • Industry’s participants’ registration
  • Complaints investigation


NCR also is responsible for the registration of:

NCR is responsible for the enforcement of compliance with the Act, As the Act requires a Regulator to promote the development of an accessible credit market focusing on the needs of historically disadvantaged persons, including people with low income, and isolated, remote and or low-density communities.

“NCR promotes a fair and non-discriminatory market place for access of consumer credit provides for the general regulation of consumer credit and improved standards of consumer information, promotes black economic empowerment and ownership within the consumer credit industry, prohibits certain unfair credit and credit-marketing practices, promotes responsible credit granting and use, and for that purpose to prohibit reckless credit granting, provides for debt re-organization in cases of over-indebtedness, regulates credit information, provides for registration of credit bureau, credit providers and debt counseling services, establishes national norms and standards relating to consumer credit, promotes a consistent enforcement framework relating to consumer credit. – TheDTI

For more information go to NCR page

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