Nedbank Disability Insurance

Nedbank Disability Insurance
Nedbank Disability Insurance

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Nedbank Disability Insurance
Nedbank Disability Insurance

Imagine if we had a roadmap of life, we wouldn’t need any kind of insurance, we’d be peace, but unfortunately, the world is full of surprises and thus it is important to always prepare for the unknown. You are not protected from the harm, but you will be covered when such unfortunate circumstances occur.

Nedbank offers a disability insurance cover where you get a lump sum to do whatever you want with it (Pay off your debts or afford lifestyle adjustments) should you become disabled, or become impaired physically or functionally.

This is great insurance if you don’t want to be a burden to your family should you become disabled. If you don’t want to be burdened with debts should you be unable to make regular repayments due to a disability, this cover is right for you.

You can claim more than once, and the lump sum can be used for a lifestyle adjustment.

Nedbank Disability Insurance Benefits

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  • You will be covered whether you are partially or fully disabled even if you are physically or functionally impaired.
  • You get a whole life option that offers you impairment protection long after your retirement.
  • Nedbank’s Carer Benefit pays a monthly income for a specific period which can be used to pay a caregiver.


For more information call Nedbank on 0861 238 887, you may visit the Nedbank Disability Insurance Page, alternatively, you can visit the nearest branch.

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