Nedbank on Business short-term, medium-term, and long-term finance


If you are in a venture of running a business or are already running one, sometimes the business might require some kind of funding and Nedbank came forward with the three types of financing that they can provide, namely; short-term finance, medium-term finance, and long-term finance.

Short-term finance

With short-term finance, Nedbank offers overdrafts and solutions to advance up to 80% value of your outstanding debtors, be it local or international debtors. Nedbank’s debtor management will help you release the funds locked in your debtor’s book. They can manage them for you and over up to 80% of the funds.

Nedbank offers an improved cash flow and the easiest way to access funds, you will also get detailed reporting including increased business turnover through tailored debtor management.

With the overdraft facility, Nedbank offers the flexibility of borrowing and/or repaying when your cash flow allows. One more benefit includes making funds accessible quickly and easily.


In terms of Stock Financing, Nedbank offers it as a trade finance solution, and their CTS team will assist with the structuring, they (Customised Trade Solutions team) will also assist with the ongoing deal management of the facility.

Medium-term finance

In some instances, you may need assistance with corporate car fleet, commercial trucks, etc, and the Nedbank medium-term finance can offer tailored financing for agricultural equipment, IT hardware, medical equipment to mention a few.

You can rent or own your fleet. A full-maintenance lease offers usage and not ownership, maintenance is fully done by the bank. An operating rental (Oprent) offers usage as well and not ownership but excludes maintenance costs and it is your responsibility. “Both options give you tax relief as the VAT on the rental amount is claimable, as opposed to outright purchasing of the fleet, where the VAT is capitalized on the purchase price”, writes the bank.

When it comes to Asset-based finance importing, you will get customized services and tailored packages to best suit your needs. You will also be helped with the management of the risk and deal with processed that can use most of your time and all the daunting paperwork.

You can take up a medium-term loan and pay it off in 12 to 60 months.

Long-term finance

Long-term finance is ideal for long-term business commitments such as purchasing commercial property as such, the business sees growth at a rapid rate. The property finance includes:

Development finance,
Affordable housing finance, and
Residential-housing development finance
Equity participation and Listed sector Solutions
Investment Solutions
Renewable energy funding is a solution to help you reduce energy expenses.

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