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Nedbank on the Experian Breach

Following a report that one of the top credit bureaus in South Africa, Experian, has been hacked affecting over 24 million customers and thus Nedbank urges South Africans to be extra vigilant with such a huge data breach. Experian shared personal information with a 3rd party pretending to be a legitimate Experian customer sharing information such as names, ID numbers, telephone numbers, physical and/or email addresses, and your identity may be stolen.

Nedbank has reassured customers that their bank accounts are not at risk at all, however, the shared information with a suspected fraudster creates opportunities for criminals to impersonate you but that cannot guarantee access to your banking profile and/or accounts.

It is imperative that you should not, at all costs, share your confidential banking details with anyone. All banks have been impacted by the data breach including most credit providers.

  • Keep your pins and passwords secure, and it is advisable to change them regularly, now more than ever.
  • You are not to share your personal information with anyone who calls, email, or SMS you.
  • Should you suspect any unauthorized use of your personal account, inform Nedbank on DataProtection@Nedbank.co.za and/or call the call centre on 0860 775 775

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