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New Capitec Bank fees for prepaid purchases 2020

Capitec Bank has recently announced the new banking fees for prepaid purchases. From 27 June 2020, there’ll be a 50c fee for every prepaid purchase. The fee is charged when purchasing the prepaid airtime, SMS bundles, data bundles, and electricity using the Capitec Banking App, internet banking, and mobile banking using the USSD string *120*3279.

Other fees

  • Capitec charges a one monthly administration fee of R5 for a debit card
  • One monthly administration fee of R40 for a credit card
  • Payments made online or using the banking app will be charged at R1
  • Cash-back withdrawals at Shoprite, PnP, Boxer or Checkers tills will be charged at R1.20
  • Debit orders are charged at R3.50
  • Payment or transfer in a branch is charged at R7
  • Withdrawing at a Capitec ATM will cost you R8 per R1000
  • Withdrawing at Any other ATM will cost you R9 per R1000
  • Card Purchase Insufficient fund fee is R0.40
  • The SMS notification Fee is R0.80
  • ATM Transaction History Print Fee is R3.00

Free Charges

  • Shopping online worldwide and making payments using the Capitec card is free of charge.
  • When you transfer money between your accounts, it is free.
  • Emailing a statement using the app or internet banking is free
  • Recurring payments (amendments, creation or cancellation) are free using the app or internet banking
  • The Capitec Banking App is zero-rated, thus no data chargers will occur – You don’t need data to use the app.

Your Capitec account can have the main savings account and up to 4 free savings plans.

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