New Postal Rates effective from 1 April 2020 [Sending Letters in South Africa]

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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has given notice of the new South African Post Office (SAPO) postal rates and service fees which will apply as of 01 April 2020. Until then you may look at the current postal fees. The Small (DL) maxi’s maximum thickness cannot exceed 5 mm and a mass of 50 g, the maximum size is 120 mm x 235 mm. The medium letter (B5)’s maximum thickness is 10 mm with a 1 kg maximum weight.

The Large letter cannot exceed 30 mm, and the maximum weight is 1 kg with a 353 mm x 250 mm maximum size.  Postcard thickness cannot go above 0.295 mm, with a maximum mass of 10 g and the same maximum size as the Large (B4) letter, and the minimum size is the same as with the Small (DL) maxi at 90 mm X 140 mm.

Cylinders/rolled items cannot exceed 70 mm and 1kg, the length of the cylinders cannot exceed 520 mm or 620 mm for items.

Understanding Envelope Sizes

Before looking at the rates, let’s understand the sizes of the envelopes in South Africa. The picture below, illustrate the different types of envelope sizes. iBusiness felt this is perfect for anyone who would like a clear understanding.


Envelope sizes Post Office in South Africa

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New Postal Rates

The new South African Postal Rates have been updated with the help of the Government announcement release and ICASA documents as per Section 30 of the Postal Service Act No. 124 of 1998. We covered a full list of postal rates and services fees payable at the South African Postal Office for deliveries in South Africa.

In regard to rates for domestic letters (Stamp booklet), regarding the domestic standard fees, a booklet of 10 stamps will cost R49.00, Boxes of 50 (500 stamps) will cost R2 450.00, 1000 Stamps will be charged at R4 900.00. Roll of 100 stamps will cost R490.00 and rolls of 100(5) making out 500 stamps will be charged at R2 450.00 and rolls of 100(10) making out 1000 stamps will be charged at R4 900.00.

Bulk purchases come with discounts. Boxes of 50 (500 stamps) will get you a 2% discount as with the tolls of 100(5) (500 stamps). Get a 5% discount when you purchase 1000 stamps (boxes or rolls).

Standard stamps at the Post Office (DL, B5, and B4)

In a case where you bring your own envelope the following fees apply:


Type of Mail Ordinary Mail Fastmail
Small (DL) maxi R4.90 R8.00
Medium (B5) R9.85 R18.90
Large (B4) R12.05 R22.85

In a case where you bring your own postcard the following fees apply:

POSTCARDS Ordinary Mail Fastmail
Small (DL) maxi R4.90 R8.00
Medium (B5) R9.85 R18.90
Large (B4) R12.05 R22.85


Cylinders / Rolled Items Ordinary Mail Fastmail
Cylinder / Rolled items (520mm x 70mm) R12.05 R19.55
Cylinder / Rolled items (620mm x 70mm) R21.40 R23.20


Newspapers Ordinary Mail Fastmail
Rolled addressed newspapers R6.50 R18.90

How much does it cost if one doesn’t have an Envelope

In a case where you don’t have an envelope the following fees apply (Prices include the price of an envelope):

Type of Mail Ordinary Mail Fastmail
Small (C6) and Small (DL) maxi R5.20 R8.40
Medium (B5) R11.30 R20.30
Large (B4) R15.10 R25.30
Large (C4) R23.75

Domestic Parcel Service

The parcel service is available in all post offices across South Africa. The counter to Counter parcel service will cost you R61.35 for the first kilogram, and you will be charged R8.25 for any additional kilos or part of. If your postal item is larger than 250 x 353 mm and/or thicker than 30mm and/or with more than 1 kg of mass, it will be considered as a parcel.

Insurance for your parcels is optional, you may insure your “ordinary parcels at a rate of three percent of the declared value of to a maximum of R5 000 with a minimum rate of R4.55 per parcel”.

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