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OFFLINE: Capitec Bank having issues with the app, “Unable to Connect”

Recently, there have been complaints about Capitec bank’s mobile app for digital banking. The issue seems to have begun in the early hours of 1 July 2020. Many users have even taken the matter on the Capitec Bank’s Facebook page to complain about the issue at hand.

Capitec Bank issues with the app
Capitec Bank error Screenshot

One of the users wrote, “Someone needs to fix the app. We can’t make any payments and it is the 1st of the month”.

iBusiness however may have an answer for you. The Capitec Bank may be going on and offline at interval times – affecting the banking system at large, many have pointed out the ‘Unable to Connect’ error message.

The message further states that the internet connection may be disconnected, that one should try to connect the WiFi, and try switching to mobile data, also to ‘try a different WiFi network’.

iBusiness await the response from Capitec Bank; should the issue be persistent, please try to hold back from logging in – and give it a few hours – I suspect you’d be logged out of your account and possible be required to visit the branch to solve the matter (Try giving it a few hours)

At this point, it is safe to contact the bank and please enquire about the situation at hand just to confirm that the issue is not on your side.

Please contact Capitec Bank on 0860 10 20 43, alternatively, you can contact client care on ClientCare@capitecbank.co.za.


Capitec may be swamped with a lot of transactions as is the most preferred bank in terms of low costs, considering the fact that most people are unfortunately still under lockdown LEVEL 3 in South Africa.


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sikhumbuzo 6 August 2020 at 11:30 am

why is not easy to send banking details for 350 no options nothing


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