Old Mutual Life Insurance

Old Mutual Life Insurance
Old Mutual Life Insurance, image: modified Old Mutual Life Cover Logo
Old Mutual Life Insurance
Old Mutual Life Insurance, image: modified Old Mutual Life Cover Logo

Ever thought of having life insurance to protect your valuable assets? There are plenty of life insurance products in South Africa. Old Mutual offers a life insurance cover that’s designed to provide services for you, your family, and you are allowed to add any dependants. A Life cover is suitable for married coupled, or individuals starting families and or have people depending on them financially.

Getting life insurance can be of most importance when you have someone who is dependent on your income. Should anything happen to you and unable to work, God forbid, unfortunately, the reality is, your income will cease. When this happens, dependants will also be affected if life insurance wasn’t taken.

As expensive as life is, how is one going to survive with all the monthly expenses such as groceries, bonds, repayments, medical aid, and a whole more. Life insurance is great when you want to maintain the standard of your living as well as people depending on you.

A typical example can that of a 30-year-old, who has a kid and has taken a R3 000 000 GREENLIGHT life cover, and only pays R540/MONTH – should anything happen to him, his family will be taken care of. Figuring out how much insurance you need, will depend on your situation and affordability.

Also, it depends who’s going to be covered – it may be that you cover just yourself, or others as well, and think of most contributing factors that can impact your income when you take up insurance. You may also need to know if you are covering for HIV positive individuals, and taking a full medical check can reduce your premiums – also the benefit is knowing your health status.

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Think of all possibilities that may affect your income – such as being disabled, fall ill or fall into the retrenchment statistics. Old Mutual offers a more comprehensive cover where you are allowed to add: disability cover, severe illness cover and retrenchment cover in one package as your life insurance.

Why Choose Old Mutual

Company choice is absolutely up to an individual, but we can only provide the information at hand. If you feel Old Mutual is the right company for you because of its reputation, it even has names such as ‘Insurance Giant’ in the financial sector.

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  • Old mutual provides immediate life cover – First 30 days of your cover is free before you can start paying your regular monthly payments to stay covered.
  • In 2016, Old mutual approved 97% claims – as long as your claim is valid, Old Mutual will pay what’s rightfully yours.
  • The company has been in operation for over 170 years – you can be part of an ever-growing company.


Old Mutual Life Insurance Products

The Life Insurance Company offers a GREENLIGHT LIFE COVER, OLD MUTUAL LIFE PLAN RANGE, and OLD MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE at different maximum covers. The maximum cover for a GREENLIGHT LIFE COVER is R99-million, the OLD MUTUAL LIFE PLAN RANGE maximum cover is R500 000 (With additional benefit and features such as Pure Life Plan, Life, and Disability benefit and Accidental Death and Disability Plan), and get up to R3-million life cover for an OLD MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE plan.

You will only have to undergo a medical checkup when you take a GREENLIGHT LIFE COVER.  The only cover that allows you to miss up to 6 premiums for the policy duration is the OLD MUTUAL LIFE PLAN RANGE and it is the only cover that you can request an online quote. All products can be purchased through an adviser.

Old Mutual offers a range of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers in 14 countries, for more information on the Life Insurance offered by OML (Old Mutual Limited), visit the OML Life Insurance Page. Please note that the Old Mutual Life is underwritten by Old Mutual Life Assurance Company – an authorized FSP. Find a financial adviser on 0860 60 60 64.

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