Old Mutual Money Account

Old Mutual Money Account
Old Mutual Money Account App, image: oldmutualfinance.co.za
Old Mutual Money Account
Old Mutual Money Account App, image: oldmutualfinance.co.za

You can do Banking with Old Mutual Money AccountAn affordable transactional account in South Africa designed to help you save money with the lowest fees. With this transactional account, you can swipe for free, transact on the go, and you can access a unit trust account, all this for a low fee charged monthly at R4.95.

With the Old Mutual Money Account, you can make your day to day transactions and still be able to save. The save Account is linked to the Old Mutual Money Market Unit Trust. You can transfer funds from your savings into your Swipe Account. With Old Mutual Transactional Account there are no extra costs for early withdrawals.

Yes, you can Swipe and Save enabling you to add to your Save Account whenever your card is been swiped. Choose your daily spend by setting a percentage between 1% and 15%.


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  • Every time when you swipe your card.
  • When you access Old Mutual Money Account Mobile App, USSD String for mobile phones and internet banking self-service channels.
  • When you purchase, Airtime, Electricity, Data or SMS bundles.
  • When you make payment to another Old Mutual Account Holder using their cellphone number.
  • When you Swipe and Save
  • Focused Save
  • When you Switch your Card on / off (This is a brilliant security feature by Old Mutual)
  • When you make transfers between SWIPE AND SAVE Account
  • When accessing your monthly statements, using a Mobile App or Internet Banking
  • Setting notifications preferences and access account balances on the Mobile App with Old Mutual money account


Old Mutual offers competitive fee structure (Take a look) this includes a R4.95 Monthly fee. In one account you get savings and a transaction account.

You can Sign Up for an OLD MUTUAL ACCOUNT

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