[Opinion] Black South Africans Lack Ownership in Their Own Success


Blacks people’s acceptance of poor quality and corrupt leaders (in the ANC Wards), and their denial of our crumbling infrastructure, and their ambivalence to our terrible crime, and lackluster education standards…have as a result created ample opportunities for other people to be the primary beneficiaries of economic success in South Africa.

Some Examples:

In Durban, the city economically is dominated by Indians, Arabs and non-South African citizens — all due to their success with hard work and ingenuity!

In Overport Durban it is difficult to own a house if you do not meet the financial requirements, illustrating how successful the Muslims have been since they predominantly live there.


EThekwini municipality successfully awards 70% of tenders to Indians due to higher quality and competitiveness provided by Indian companies and businesses.

Another example that I admire is how Muslim owned companies employ only the most loyal and qualified people, they, therefore, hire more Muslims who show high levels of commitment and loyalty by the Muslim community. Zulu people are not given a place at the table since they are often unqualified and sometimes too demanding.

Indians have been very diligent in investing and developing their own beaches & parks. They have taken control of their lives by making City by-laws…while no one else has done this.

They were very astute and acquired liquor licenses to trade alcohol in towns, where special criteria must be met, and it is more often given to Indians and some few blacks who meet the appropriate qualifications.

Permits for profitable beach trading stands are most often secured by Indians, who have greater success in qualifying for these through their creativity, hard work, and diligence.

Durban Post Office staff is 60% Indians since they have a reputation of being very intelligent and committed and reliable workers.

The Indian communities were very entrepreneurial and even have their own Security Company. Its main mission is to protect the integrity and functioning of service delivery and business functions, and neighborhoods, a strong reflection of how invested our Indian community is in building a strong and secure economic foundation… it protects the community and shows the level of ownership the Indians have in keeping a safe environment

Black South Africans, why are you not developing companies and communities and doing more things to be more competitive? Why do you lack ownership of your own success? Why are you complaining about other people’s success? Why do you vote incompetent losers to a government who implement failed policies, steal from us, and hurt our communities?

We need to learn from the Indians and Muslims, I admire them, we all should.

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