Platinum Credit Mastercard
Platinum Credit Mastercard, image credit: Mastercard

Mastercard offers you a Platinum Banking Card that comes with excellent service and access to a range of different benefits. It’s a worldwide accepted card that takes your lifestyle to a whole new level. The Platinum Mastercard comes with travel, lifestyle and insurance benefits.

Save while you enjoy the great benefits including buy 1 get 1 offers on leisure, entertainment and more throughout the Middle East and Africa. Enjoy the benefit of saving up to 15% when you rent a car with Avis using your Platinum Mastercard.

Get discount on car rental and still get more with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards including class upgrades and more. Visit for special offers in cities from around the world.


The Platinum Credit Card offers a range of benefits when it comes to traveling locally or internationally, or when you need a complimentary ride or discounts on car rentals. You also get lifestyle benefits for online shoppers, as well as protection from theft and accidental damages of purchases and ATM robbery.


Get exclusive offers offered by Mastercard when you use the Platinum Credit Mastercard. Special car rental offers and offers on entertainment, leisure and a whole lot more.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offers

To enjoy the buy 1 get 1 offer, you have to download the Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 App on Google Play or App Store. When you have installed the App, you will be able to browse over 900+ offers in over 90+ destinations and 600 participating merchants.

Some of the brands and outlets include Fairmont Dubai, Burger Joint New York, Ananta, Lily Pond SPA, Certo, Dusi Thani Dubai, London Fish and Chips, Haagen-Dazs, etc.

Download the app, install, choose your locations and get access to special offers to be redeemed such as spa treatments, and offers from restaurants, travel offers and more.

Avis Benefit

Travel in style and enjoy exclusive benefits when on a business trip with your family and or perhaps friends as well.


Avis Avis Benefits and T&Cs
  • The Platinum Mastercard gives you access a maximum of 15% off when you book your next car rental
  • AVIS, as a worldwide brand provides Platinum Mastercard Members complimentary upgrades for every car rental.
  • Visit AVIS WEB and use your card for rental (Remember that the valid offer is only available for online reservation bookings)
  • If you are Platinum and Titanium Mastercard® cardholders you qualify for the offer and discounts are valid for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the United States, and Canada
  • Offer is available ONLY for Mastercard cards issued in the Middle East and Africa
  • Mastercard amendments may be made to the offer’s terms and conditions without prior notice

Avis is a standalone offer and cannot be used in connection with any competitions and/or coupons.

Image: Avis Logo, Credit:

Hertz Benefit

Platinum Mastercard Cardholders can now rent a car without any hassle. For one to enjoy all additional benefits with Hertz, you must register in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

HertzHertz  Benefits and T&Cs
  • Register in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and become a premium member for the following additional benefits:
  • You get once car class upgrade (This is subject to availability at all participating Hertz Locations)
  • A maximum of 10% off at participating Hertz locations globally
  • Free Additional Driver for Gold Plus Rewards Members.
  • The offer is available for Platinum and Titanium Mastercard cardholders
  • To be able to enjoy all benefits with Hertz, you must register your qualifying Mastercard card as a form of payment in your Gold Plus Rewards profile on the Hertz Website.
  • You can use the valid Mastercard at the rental counter or online.
  • For Hertz Collections (Green, Fun, Prestige, and Family), car class upgrades do not apply.
  • Car Class upgrades are not guaranteed as they are subject to vehicle availability at the moment of rental (Depending on the location as well)
  • Mastercard amendments may be made to the offer’s terms and conditions without prior notice
  • Hertz T&Cs apply
  • Image: Hertz Logo, Credit:


When you are using the Platinum Mastercard, you rest assured of a shopping spree that will save you a lot of money with all the discounts from a world of luxury shopping and get exclusive offers at 9 European shopping villages.

Use MyUS for shipping at discounted rates, and furthermore get the Buy 1 Get 1 app for exclusive the Middle East and African offers.

Chic Benefit

The BVSC stands for Bicester Village Shopping Collection and it is known for its luxury items, including brand and products. The entrance setting of the village shopping collection is very welcoming. You can save up to 60% or more with world-leading brands.  Platinum Mastercard cardholders will get the following benefits:



  • VIP invitation (to be exchanged for a VIP card that offers an additional 10% discount on purchases in participating boutiques)
  • 15% discount on shopping packages, chauffeur drive experience, and shopping express
  • VIP lounge access (subject to availability)

Participating Villages:

  1. Bicester Village – London, UK
  2. Fidenza Village – Milan, Italy
  3. Ingolstadt Village – Munich, Germany
  4. Kildare Village – Dublin, Ireland
  5. La Roca Village – Barcelona Spain
  6. Las Rozas Village – Madrid, Spain
  7. La Vallee Village – Paris, France
  8. Maasmechelen Village – Brussels, Belgium
  9. Wertheim Village – Frankfurt Village
  • Redeem offers using the Bicester Village Shopping Collection WEB
  • Qualifying Mastercard card includes World Elite, World, and Platinum Mastercard.
  • Full payments to be made with a credit or debit card issued by a financial institution in Africa or the Middle East
  • Mastercard amendments may be made to the offer’s terms and conditions without prior notice

Image Credit: Mastercard

Shipping Benefit

Use to shop at over 1000 000 U.S. retailers. Make online purchases from retailers such as, Apple, Nordstrom Ralph Lauren,, Forever 21, and more.

MyUS is fast and reliable and it is the number one affordable international shipper with over 10 million shipped packages since 1997 – if you are a Mastercard cardholder you will get the following rewards and benefits:

MyUSBenefits and T&Cs
  • You will receive a MyUS address to use at checkout
  • Free Premium membership worth $120 for 2 years
  • Free Account setup worth the value of $20
  • After registration, you will get 30% off shipping for the first month
  • 20% off shipping for 2 years of your members
  • Visit MyUS to register with Mastercard card and be able to utilize your benefits
  • Offer available to new MyUS members
  • Discounts only apply when shipping with DHL, FedEx, or UPS.
  • You get discounts on shipping, not the merchandise
  • Offers are not transferable
  • Registration and redemption is subject to review and verification and MyUS T&Cs apply
  • Mastercard amendments may be made to the offer’s terms and conditions without prior notice

Image Credit: Mastercard

Buy One Get One Free Benefit

To enjoy your lifestyle benefit, download and register the Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 App and browse the best offers in over 90+ locations, and 600+ merchants.


The Platinum Mastercard comes with insurance to ensure you shop with confidence and that you are protected when making purchases online in a case of theft and/or accidental damages of purchase using your card, furthermore, you are covered in case you get robbed or forced to withdraw cash from your card using the ATM Machine.

Purchase Protection

Get all the protection you need when making purchases with your qualifying Mastercard. Here’s a list of all Purchase Protection Benefits.

  • Get covered in case of theft or accidental damage (The Platinum Mastercard will protect your purchase for up to 180 days from the date of purchase)
  • You are covered for up to US$2, 000 (approx. R30 000) per claim
  • The maximum cover gets up to US$5,000 (approx. R75 000) over a period of 12 months
  • You will get a new item or be compensated in a case of damage
  • Mastercard is not an insurer, AIG or/and their partners provide with insurance benefits
  • Visit McPeaceOfMind to file a claim online
  • MasterCard’s T&Cs apply and subject to change with notice,
  • Purchase Protection Insurance is only applicable to Platinum Credit Cards

ATM Body Guard Benefit

  • In a case where you get robbed with 15 minutes of withdrawal as a Platinum Mastercard cardholder, you are protected for up to US$500 per claim and US$700 per year.
  • You get reimbursed for medical expenses incurred during the ATM robbery
  • Get protected when you forced violently to withdraw cash from your cash using the ATM
  • Visit McPeaceOfMind to file a claim (subject to coverage)
  • MasterCard’s T&Cs apply and subject to change with notice

For any information visit

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