PMD Comprehensive Car Insurance
PMD Comprehensive Car Insurance, image: Youtube snapshot

Getting car insurance can be very stressful when you don’t know which insurance company to trust with your monthly paid premiums, in hopes that they will be there when life turns around. PMD offers fixed premiums as well as reduced and zero excess.

Excess is money paid to the insurer in order for your claim to be processed. The higher the excess money allocated, the lower the premiums, and the higher the premiums, the lower the excess. You pay the excess when lodging an accident claim.  Excess is paid so you can maintain affordable monthly premiums. 

Comprehensive car insurance is the best option when you have fully paid-off your brand new car, however, when your car is financed by a bank, it is compulsory. It usually covers damages of your car provided that you were in an accident, and usually requires excess payment. It also covers for damages of the 3rd party, either partially or in full.

PMD Comprehensive Car Cover benefits

The comprehensive car insurance by PMD offers the following benefits

  • You will be covered for Write-off and accidents
  • Natural Fire and Disaster
  • Theft and Hijacking
  • Up to R1 Million 3rd Party liability protection per incident
  • Covered for the full retail value of your car
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance and towing in a case you are in an accident or a break down due to mechanical failure
  • Hail Damage Cover
  • Glass Cover, in case you need a glass replacement due to accidental damage.

There are optional benefits that you can add to your policy for a small fee. Here are some of the additional options:

  • Car Hire Reimbursement – this covers car hire costs in case you are in an incident that involves your insured car.
  • You can add Credit Shortfall Protection to cover your outstanding debt on your financed car
  • You can add accidental death cover
  • And Additional Drivers – you can choose to add 2 more drivers in your policy

How to apply

Visit the PMD Comprehensive Car Cover Page, or apply online to get a quote for your car. PMD (Prime Meridian Direct).

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