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It doesn’t matter whether you are using, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom, porting to MTN has been made easy. You can do so to stay connected to friends and family and reap all the MTN benefits together. You get to keep the same number and just change your service provider.

The MTN family awaits to welcome you to enjoy low call rates, free data offer, SMSs and more. You can port to MTN and have your request processed on the same day.

When porting, your current SIM will lose all airtime and data as the change is being processed. After porting, you can port back again, as there’s a waiting period. If you are an MTN user and have just ported to another network, porting back requires at least 2 months (60 Days).

How to Port to MTN

Follow the following easy steps:

  • Purchase an MTN SIM Card (You can buy it at any retail stores, or MTN Stores)
  • Make sure that you RICA your SIM Card, in order to do so, you will be required to hand over your Identity Documents or Smart ID Card as well as Proof of Residence, typically, that’s not older than 3 months.
  • After you have successfully RICA’d your new MTN SIM Card, DO NOT INSERT IT TO YOUR PHONE AS YET.
  • Use the old SIM (Could be Vodacom, Telkom Or Cell C SIM) and SMS ‘PORTME#( 10-digit MTN SIM number)’ – The 10-digit MTN SIM number is found on the SIM Pack, thus your SMS should look as such: ’PORTME#0000000000’ and Send the text to 083 767 8287
  • Wait for the confirmation SMS, informing you of the request being processed.
  • Now that you have received confirmation, wait a day before you can insert your new MTN SIM.
  • Insert the card the following day and select ‘New Number’ to activate your new SIM if prompted.

For more information visit www.mtn.co.za

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  1. Hello I’d to change from telkom to mtn. The problem is i am a seaman and i am here at Durban and i cannot buy sim card . So is any possibility to change my port to MTN?

    1. Good Day, Theofilos, unfortunately at this point, porting requires a sim card. Ensuring that you stay safe and following the lockdown regulations please see if you can find a store near-by to purchase a new SIM,

  2. Afternoon sir
    Actually i lost my sim card and i want to change de number that i lost to work on the new sim card.
    I really need that number.
    Help plz

    1. Hey Sya, I hope you are well. Please do the following:
      Courtesy of MTN:

      1. Buy an MTN PayAsYouGo starter pack

      2. Please RICA the new SIM card before continuing

      3. Insert the new SIM into your current (or new) device. On older SIM cards, if prompted with a menu on first

      power up of your device, select “Get a new number” (ignore any other options)

      4. Activate the new SIM card on the MTN network by dialing *135#

      5. Once the new SIM card has been RICA’d and activated (by performing step 2 and 4 above), please dial *135*3 # on the NEW SIM to start the SIM swap process. Alternatively, you may dial *135# and select option 3 to start the SIM swap process
      6. After performing step 5 above, you will be prompted to enter the cellphone number for which you are doing the SIM swap and the reason for the doing the SIM swap. The cellphone number you are doing the SIM swap for is your old number (NOT the new number from step 1 above)
      7. Once step 6 has been completed you will be sent an SMS containing the steps you need to take in order to complete the SIM swap. Note that at this stage you will have to answer a set of security questions in order to continue with the SIM swap. You will have 3 minutes to answer all the questions. All questions will be related to your old number.
      8. Once your answers are validated, you will be sent an SMS to let you know if the SIM swap was successful. If you experience any issues, please dial 135 for further assistance

  3. ok thanks for the information you provide.
    Basically i want to move my telkom number to work on mtn sim card . How can i do that please help me

  4. Hi Issac I’ve followed the steps to port and I haven’t received a notification, does this mean that Inwasnt successful

    Currently I want to pause the port how can I do that

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