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Postal Fees / Cost 2020 – SA Post Office

Post Office South Africa
Post Office South Africa, image: groundup.org.za

The South African Post Office has recently updated their fees for the year 2020. However, these fees are valid from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. The postal rates include all types of mailing, postcards ratings, Stamps, Direct Mail, etc.

SAPO offers Domestic Services such as ordinary letter mail and Fast Mail services. The ordinary letter mail is the standard postal service offered by SAPO (South African Post Office) and it is usually a day longer than Fast mail service.

Fast Mail is a SAPO letter service with a one-day delivery standard in the same city or town – it may take longer for destinations outside your perimeter.

Rates for Domestic Letter Mail

If you come with your own envelope, a small (DL) maxi, with a maximum size of 235 x 120, about 50g it will cost you R4.55 for an Ordinary mail or R7.40 for a fast mail. Here’s a full list.

Standard stamps at the Post Office (DL, B5, and B4)

In a case where you bring your own envelope the following fees apply:

Type of MailOrdinary MailFastmail
Small (DL) maxiR4.55R7.40
Medium (B5)R9.10R17.50
Large (B4)R11.15R21.15

In a case where you bring your own postcard the following fees apply:

POSTCARDSOrdinary MailFastmail
Small (DL) maxiR4.55R7.40
Medium (B5)R9.10R17.50
Large (B4)R11.15R21.15


Cylinders / Rolled ItemsOrdinary MailFastmail
Cylinder / Rolled items (520mm x 70mm)R11.15R18.10
Cylinder / Rolled items (620mm x 70mm)R19.80R21.50


NewspapersOrdinary MailFastmail
Rolled addressed newspapersR6.00R17.50

How much does it cost if one doesn’t have an Envelope

Sometimes we don’t get the time to find an envelope to post our letters; however, the Post Office has POSTAGE-INCLUDED ENVELOPES packages at affordable rates.

Ordinary Mail postage – included envelopes

C6 and DL will cost you R4.80 with or without window period and self-seal – here’s a full list:

C6 (with and without window period and self-seal)162mm x 114mmR4.80
DL(with and without window period and self-seal)235mm x 120mmR4.80
B5 without window250mm x 176mmR10.45
C4 without window324mm x 229mmR14.00
Lettergram (Prefabricated) R4.70


Fastmail postage-included envelopes

DL maxi with and without window235mm x 120mmR7.75
B5 without window250mm x 176mmR18.80
B4 without window353mm x 250mmR22.00
C4 without window324mm x 229mmR23.40


Postcard postage-included envelopes

Postage-included postcard235mm x 120mmR4.80
DL R4.55
B5 R9.10
B4 R11.15
Change of address postcard R4.80


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