Powerball and Powerball Plus Results: Tuesday, 1 September 2020


A massive combination of 104 million in Powerball and Powerball plus jackpot is up for grabs tonight and could be yours. 

The Powerball has rolled over 12 times with a rollover amount of just above 62.6 million. The Total Pool Size amounted to R68 million with a total sales of R25 Million.

On tonight’s draw for 2020-09-01, draw machine RNG2/RNG2 will be used. In regard to the Powerball Plus, it rolled over for 14 times, the Total Pool Size amounted to R34.7 million with a total sales of R11.3 million. The rollover amount was R32.2 million. 

Winning Powerball and Powerball Plus Numbers for Tuesday, 01 September 2020

On the previous draw, there were no jackpot winners, but the lucky ones walked with thousands for matching other numbers from Division 2 onward. Four lucky winners walked away with R54.5K each for matching five correct numbers. 


In regard to the Powerball Draw, two lucky winners walked away with R239.6K each, and twenty-two winners walked with R13,6K for matching four correct numbers plus the power ball. 

For tonight’s draw (1 September 2020), the winning numbers are as follows:

  • PowerBall: 16, 21, 22, 36, 39 Powerball: 5
  • PowerBall Plus: 1, 14, 31, 33, 45 Powerball: 11

Previous Powerball results

Every draw is updated on iBusiness for our lottery and Powerball games readers, and or latest numbers searchers. The following are the previously drawn Powerball and plus results in case you missed them. 

Powerball Jackpots on 01 September 2020

The Powerball Jackpot for 01 September 2020 stands at R69 million for the Main Powerball draw, and R35 million for the Powerball Plus draw. 

How to Play

  • Choose numbers between 1 to 50,
  • Choose the Powerball Number between 1 and 20.
  • The teller of the authorized lottery retailer will process your ticket and ensure to keep the received recipe of your chosen numbers.
  • Write your name at the back of the receipt
  • Watch the Powerball Draw on Mzansi Magic and NewzRoom Afrika every Tuesday and Friday at 20h58.

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Congratulations to all the winners.

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