No one won the last week’s Powerball jackpot for both Powerball and Powerball Plus. Both jackpots combined are standing at a staggering estimated R173million, with Powerball estimated at R92 million and Powerball Plus standing at R81 million.

The following are the Powerball and Powerball plus results for Friday, 03 April 2020.

Powerball: 09, 10, 29, 32, 45 and Powerball: 09

Powerball Plus: 08, 19, 21, 29, 50 and Powerball: 13

The draw ID number for the Powerball draw on 03-04-2020 is 1082.

You can play your Powerball a similar way you play your Powerball Plus, in any case, the Powerball plus, is optional and ordinarily cost less than the main draw. These games air every Tuesday and Friday evening at 21:00 on

The main draw cost R5.00 and Powerball Plus cost R2.50 making an entirety of R7.50 for both Powerball and Powerball Plus. They are both played independently and 5 numbers ranging from 1 and 50 are arbitrarily chosen and with an additional Powerball number between1 and 20.

Tickets can’t be sold thirty minutes before the draw. Powerball Plus can’t be played independently. In-store you can go to the lottery retail and request the bet slip where you should tick the Powerball Plus box in the event that you wish to include it for your ticket, at that point, pick five numbers and a Powerball number on as many boards as you want. Pick the number of draws or leave clear for a single bet, pay the ticket and sit tight for the draw. If it’s not too much trouble, visit the National Lottery Website for more data.

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