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R350 SRD Update: August Pending, September not allocated, Double Payments Expected

It has been a while since iBusiness has had multiple complaints, but we have assumed everyone must be cleared and given vivid explanations in a case when an application was rejected and hopefully, a lot of people who have been rejected due to IRP5 registration understands what it means. But it seems what happened in June and July, will most probably happen in September where applicants should expect both August and September payments.

As it stands, there are most people who haven’t received the doubled JUN/JUL payment. Currently, the R350 SRD COVID-19 Grant Relief applicants for the unemployed for the month of September are gradually been assessed to see if the individuals previously approved still qualify.

If you have been previously rejected and have appealed your application,  SASSA will get back to you even for those who submitted the wrong details.

SRD: August Pending Status

Thousands if not millions of applicants are still pending for the month of August. Unfortunately, even though we are in September, some applicants, despite the fact that they have been approved in the previous months, have not received the grant, a few have only received the May payments and still waiting for all other payments.

That as it may be, do not hesitate if your August SRD status is pending as you are not alone. The pending status will eventually change after an assessment has been made on each applicant.

SRD: September Not yet allocated (SEP)

September is not yet allocated for the R350 SRD COVID-19 Grant relief. Once allocated, you’ll see the (SEP) abbreviation under your SRD account when you check your status.

Since August is still pending, we may expect the changes in a few weeks to come.

SRD: Double Payments in September

So, iBusiness speculates that September payments may be doubled, reason for this speculation is that the August month is still pending for most and we are already in the September month, and so, we assume what happened for JUN/JUL will happen in September (AUG/SEP).

Do not assume that it may happen for you, but it may definitely happen for another. This will be determined by the process of your application individually. However, many hungry South Africans are losing patience, unfortunately, there are many applications with errors and there are new applications every day received by the South African Social Security Agency.

For all other payments, please see the SASSA’s published schedule.

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