Racism allegations against Eskom CEO, Andre Ruyter, to be investigated by the Company.


The Eskom Chief Executive Officer, Andre Ruyter has been accused of racism by Solly Tshitangano (CPO – Chief Procerement Officer) , who is currently been suspended. CPO’s responsibility is to manage, administer as well as supervision of the company’s aquisition program, may also manage the purchase of supplies, material and equipment.

Eskom stated on Tuesday (9 March) that “In light of the allegation of racism that’s has been made in the public domain against the Group Chief Executive, Andre de Ruyter, the Eskom Board of Directors has resolved to initiate an investigation in order to establish the veracity and the basis to the allegations”

Eskom added that the allegation bring the company into disrepute.

The SCOPA (Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts) confirmed it will look into a complaint made against the company’s CEO, the allegation brought forward by Tshitangano who sent a letter to the minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan.


Even though SCOPA said it would investigate the complaint, and stipulated that “important that none of what anybody is saying means that aspersions are being cast on the integrity of the board or the CEO at this time”, Eskom still launched an independent investigation to get to the bottom of this.

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