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Register a company using the CIPC mobile APP, no paperwork

CIPC App, image: CIPC Facebook account

Things are becoming easier to do when it comes to business as a whole and every aspect of it. Not so long ago, company registration required a lot of paperwork and required one to submit all necessary papers to successfully register a company/business. The online portal submission was very convenient, at the time, when it was introduced – as your registration was approved within minutes to a day after submission.

CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) now introduced a feature in their mobile app that lets you to simply register a company without any paperwork, all that’s needed or required of you is a valid ID number. Registration fees will still be charged.

What can I do with the App?

  • If you don’t have an account with CIPC you can Register as a customer
  • You can use the app to lodge Name Reservation
  • You can easily submit annual returns
  • There’s an Electronic Payment Getaway for 3D Secure Debit and Credit Cards
  • You will be able to retrieve your password if you are an existing CIPC customer

CIPC has had a number of issues which their website, in September 2014 – the newly designed website was intended to automate several routine administrative processes. The website received negative reviews for its malfunction. This was followed by revelations that the website’s security is vulnerable as it exposed private clients’ information.

The CIPC is meant to register companies, co-operatives, intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights – the company updates the company information every now and then as maintenance and ensuring the registered entity is still in business. CIPC also ensures it discloses vital information on its business registers as well as promotes education and awareness of Company and Intellectual Property Law. CIPC ensures compliance with relevant legislation is adhered to, as well as licensing of business rescue practitioners.

If you are thinking of registering a new company, now you can do just that with a few clicks from your CIPC app available for download on Play Store.

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